Monday, August 10, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private: Ohhhh, Pickles....

From: Amy
It's so funny that I can see you everyday now. I get to work and see what you are wearing and giggle. Did you cut your hair in your sleep - it looks shorter than it did in the pics you took last night.

Dat grey dress is tute!

From: Shannan
I know! I thought that too! I washed it this morning, so maybe it's just bouncier. Or maybe Pickles chewed some of it off in my sleep. He keeps jumping at my head when I'm on the computer to chew on my hair. I'm going to have to punch his little tiny stomach if he keeps doing it. His claws come OFF on August 18, and it's not a minute too soon. He won't leave the new sofa alone, has torn holes in my tall, paper shade lamp that's in the front room, and has begun climbing the curtains. He is using up his nine lives at the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Wait - do you see what I am wearing and giggle because it looks metarded?

From: Amy
Bouncy is a funny word.

Oh, Pickles...

It makes me giggle b/c I say, "Hi, Shannan" in my head every time. I am not kidding. I stop short of saying, "Good morning" and kissing the computer screen though.

From: Shannan
It's kinda like I'm the newest staff member in your office, isn't it? Do you sit down and have a cuppa joe with me every morning? That's what I do with the pic of you I keep in the BFF half a heart locket I wear around my neck every day. Sometimes I even hold up a muffin to your teeny tiny mouth and then wipe the crumbs off. You are very messy in my locket.

Are you ascairt yet?


Annnnnd scene.

For those (and by "those" I mean "everyone reading this") that wonder what in the hail we are talking about, Shan and I had one of our famously short-lived obsessions with a site on the interwebs called MyStyleDiary. I'm sure you know it. We posted our outfits every day and would reenact the above scene every morning. That obsession has long gone the way of the dodo. However, thanks to Al Gore, those photos will go on like Celine Dion.

Shan: Not the grey dress mentioned above, but this is stil one of my Favey Crockett's from the old Style Diary days.

Et moi. I cut my head off in every picture because, frankly, that was just too much pressure to look cute every time. One of my faves is prolly this vintage velvet jacket concoction.