Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Open Letter to Amy

Dear Aaaammmmmmmmy,

You realize what next week is, don't you? Season premier for Project Runway 6.

Look, you can alllllmost see Tim and Heidi if you squint at the teeeeny tiny picture above (Lifetime's photo selections SUCKED). And I think you know what this means: weekly recaps of our favorite show. Don't argue with me. I know you have Op Shower in 12 weeks, but the public has spoken - it's what they want. You know you want it too. Don't fight it. It is soooooo right.

Okay - now I'm just creeping myself out. Apologies all around.

Amy: Oh, PR starts again soon? I hardly realized it was gone. And by "hardly realized it was gone" I mean "life has been so empty without it." THANK GOODNESS it is returning soon. Don't get me started on that blatant rip off featuring legendary fashion icon Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland. What the what was that?

And weekly recaps, durrrrrrrr. You know it's on like Donkey Kong. Set your blog for Fridays after the show since you know I watch it on Thursday nights off of the Dee Vee Arrrrs.

Shan: Make sure you get plenty of rest, Tiny Dancer, because we also have The Rachel Zoe Project:

The best show EVAH about our favorite allegedly anorexic stylist. I DIE.

Amy: I dare say the ONLY show EVAH about our favorite allegedly anorexic stylist with the sickest vintage wardrobe I have ever seen. I love it so much it makes it look like you hate it. (Name that movie.)

And this:

Thank GOD Top Chef is back to replace the swill that was Top Chef "Masters." I loves me some Padma, despite her Hardee's commercial, and puh-leeze, I think we alllll know how I feel about TV's sexiest chef, Tom Colicchio. Yummmmmmm.

Amy: For reals. Top Chef Masters was great. In theory. I was all, "Sweet. We get to see Keller and Bayless and the like do their thang. They are going to tear that kitchen UP. Pop the corn and settle in, self." I still am not sure what was missing. I mean challenges were the same, food looked yum, chefs were...waaaaait, I think I figured it out...I missed the man candy chef that every season has. That and the drama. And Tom...sweet, sweet Tom. Meow.

And this:

I don't know if you watch Flipping Out, but I love His Royal Craziness.

Amy: I don't watch it weekly but have gotten sucked into enough marathons that I've probably seen them all by now. He slays me. He is OCaDorable.

And this:

Hadn't even heard of Launch My Line until I was downloading photos, but another bitchy fashion show? Sign me up!

Amy: Oh no. Oh no. Hey networks, stop making superficial fluff television. You know I can't resist.

So, to recap: PR6, we are HIIIIILARIOUS, switch the channel from Lifetime to Bravo and spend the rest of the fall turning into a couch potato whilst maintaining our caloric intake and meeting our goal weights. And don't forget ANTM whenever the hell it starts. And Dexter. And Californication. And Lost......


Amy: The other ones you mentioned. Gulp. Must quit job to watch TV. Need I remind you that SYTYCD is going to be back in the fall, too? No more waiting until next year. Is it Christmas because it sure feels like I'm sitting in Santa's lap right now. Wheeeeeeee.

I almost hate to bring this up because I'd hate for it to seem like we watch too much TV, but do you know when Biggest Loser is coming back on??? That totally counts as working out though, so iz all good.


Jill said...

I know people hate on Rachel Zoe, but I love her style. The whole bohemian glam/Mrs. Roper look is right up my alley. I hadn't heard of Launch my Line. I tried to Tivo it, but it must not be airing soon. Looks very interesting.

Style Scout said...

o.k., so, I love that there are other women like me that are obsessed with stupid (but really good) crap t.v....I have been holding my breath for Zoe to start and I can't WAIT for P.runway to start too!!! Ooooh, fall t.v. is so good. Mad Men starts on Sunday!!!!