Monday, August 3, 2009

I. Can't. Wait.

Seriously. Is it wrong that I am completely turned on by him in this particular role? I heart Michael C. Hall.

That is all.


For the love of Erik Estrada, Amy - are you caught up YET?????
Does the return of Dexter also mean the return of my OTHER favorite show?

One can only hope. David Duchovny - call me...Shannnnnn


NO we are not caught up. We are just on Epi 5 or so of Season 2. NO SPOILERS. GOT IT? CAPICHE? Which I almost typed Ceviche.

So, do not spill any dirt here past the episode where Dex and his Narcotics Anon Sponsor looked at all the dead bodies in the morgue and turns out the old chick in charge was sleeping with the new chick's fiance. GOT IT? UNCOOKED FISH IN SOME SORT OF CITRUSY MARINADE?

And, yes, he's hot. Way too hot for his sister/wife.




Natasha said...

What? Dexter is a Dad Now? Season 3 should be available any day now on Netflix. Like Dark Chocolate for your mouth hole and Imogen Heap for your ear hole, Dexter is to my ***** hole.

That is all.

MerciBlahBlah said...

DOH!!! You naaaasty, girl.

Beth & Brian said...

YESS! I can't wait! Someone lied to me and told me it had already started, so I just about renewed my Showtime subscription. Good thing I did my research first!

And I need to catch up on Weeds OnDemand.