Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wish List

I don't know what it is lately with my desire for "Play It Again Fashion," but here I am, getting ready to post pics of my current obsessions that are old school redux. I will start out by saying that thankfully they are NOT replicas of the red suede two piece suit I wore at one point in my life - the one with gold buttons down the front? - or the bellhop's jacket I made out of dad's work jacket a la Star in The Lost Boys (the only vampire movie worth mentioning, so SUCK IT, Twilight) - which brings to mind the ORIGINAL Pact I made with two girlfriends upon graduation from high school, in which we promised to get together no matter where we were in life 10 years to the day from the date we made The Pact, and which we signed as The Gypsy, The Artist, and The Intellectual, and SEALED IN WAX. Guess who was The Gypsy? Stevie Nicks, eat your heart out.

But - say it with me now - I DIGRESS.

Let's move on, shall we, and never speak of this again (I'm looking at you, Amy)....

Which brings me to tie dye. I'm not talking Jerry Garcia Deadhead tie dye, this is more Hippie Rocker tie dye - Hocker tie dye, if you will. What's that? You won't? No matter - I will. Please feast your eyeballs on the oh so cool tee below, courtesy of Blue Life at Planet Blue. I'll take three, please.

Next up? 1990 called, and wants its acid-washed, pinch-rolled Z Cavaricci's back. Alarmingly enough, so do I. It's true, folks. What you are about to read is real - don't adjust your dials. I keep coming across these jeans and am DYING for a pair.

They're everywhere, it seems. And they're HELLA expensive (relatively speaking, and when one's family is going through TWO GALLONS OF MILK A DAY - I'm looking at you, Trips - well, one cannot justify the price). Leave it to Carbon Couture to offer helpful, inexpensive directions to DIY those bad boys. I came across Carbon Couture yesterday, and immediately faved it, as it is a blog full of DIY fashion projects. Yeah, like I have time to DIY anything these days.

Anyhoozle, there they are - my latest obsessions. Ames - feel free to add yours to the list, but no smart ass comments on The Gypsy, or I will be forced to mention your Flock of Seagulls captured by Olan Mills portraiture. Oopsie!!!!


This post is like the Champagne Brunch at The Bellagio. I don’t know where to start. Unless you’re offering Champagne, then I’ll start there, durrrrrr.

With the noticeable absence of a mimosa in hand, however, I shall start from the tippy top. I’m cool with nicknames, as my girlfriends and I named ourselves after shoes in Elementary School. Adidas, Nike and Van to be exact. You may call me Van. I’m even cool with calling you The Gypsy. BUT the Stevie Nicks reference is where we need to have words. Come to Camera Three with me….Stevie Nicks is the devil, Shan. You know I feel this way. Must we mention her here on these hallowed pages?

Shan Here: I LOVES Stevie Nicks. You do not. We will agree to disagree on her fab-you-less-ness, but I will NOT agree to never mention her again. In fact...
See how that works? Behold, Miz Stevie in all her glory. I mean, how can you NOT love that? Two of your favorite things in one photo - Stevie Nicks AND a bird.

Back to Amy: As for Hocker Tie Dye. Don’t hit me, but I bought a slouchy tie dye shirt a few months back to possibly wear under my ivory and black tuxedo jacket and have never worn it. Thanks for the reminder. I shall whip that bad boy out this eve. The upside for you is that it’s too late to return it so if I try it on again and no likey, someonnnnnne may be getting a Hocker shirt in the mail. The down side is that if I do likey then I’ve had it so long it’s probably not in sto any mo. Don’t fret though, Little Bean, there are plenty of Hocker T’s out there. (You should know I’m going to call them TJ Hockers.)

Shan: DOH!!! I shake my fist at you, with your ivory and black tux jacket and TJ Hocker tee!!!!!!!

Ames: The jeans. The jeans. Oh, the jeans. My initial reaction is thus, “OH HAIL NAW.” Then I realize that’s my reaction to me in those jeans. Jimmy Dean called and wants his sausage stuffed in tie-dye casing back. Not pretty. The day I don anything labeled “skinny” is the day Mariah Carey becomes tasteful. i.e. NEVER. Where you will wear them, I know not, but HOW you will wear them I know: Annoyingly Hawt.

You’re asking yourself, “What Does Amy Want?” aren’t you? I know. I ask myself that daily and then put the answers on a Dream Board. I’m still waiting for that pile o’cash. It will happen. I have the ripped out picture from a magazine to prove it. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. I don’t even care if they are the uber Celeb Fave AG kind or the uber cheap F21 kind. I just want.

Shan: Yep yep yep - meluvs the distressed b-friend jeans too.
Speaking of F21. I’m loving the back of this orange dress and think it would enjoy going up to the East Coast with me for the upcoming trip out to our friend’s home, Red Roof in Gloucester. I think it would like the view lounging on the terrace whilst sipping Sangria, don’t you?

Shan: I think cutie pie Orangina (my name for said dress) would have a GREAT time at Red Roof, but probably only if you send your TJ Hocker Tee to me to take care of.

Ames: My wrist wants one or 3 of these from Paloma's Nest. I’m really not sure what I even want them to say. Whether it be a new take on a I.D. bracelet and I get my name (Amy, not what you call me, Shan) or favorite quote/word/what you have you, I just like the simplicity of these bangles.

Alternatively, I’m in LOVE with the anti-simplicity of thee creations found here are Rebecca3030. Layer it on. Pile it up. Make my neck a baked potato with the works, please. Bring It. These.Are.Amazing. These are right up there with world peace, people. Mama wants.

Shan: I would fully enable and support your use (or overuse) of numerous necklaces (or necklie, as I believe is the pluralized version), only if you buy me two for every one that you wear. What???? That seems fair.

So there you have it. A brief overview of things we don’t need. If I say “brief” enough maybe you won’t realize that you just grew a beard reading this. I’m looking at youuuuuuuuuu, Chris Dunlow Nease.



Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh, Snaps!! Busted!
What can I say; Surrounded by an unemployed husband talking about the latest sports statistic and what he's cooking for dinner; as well as SAH moms who's FB updates consist of their kid's latest achievement of eating cheerios!...This is as good as it gets Mama! LMAO!