Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Unexpected Hottie

Aaaahhhhh, the Unexpected Hottie - usually the funny guy who may not be classically good-looking, but the more you get to know them, gets hotter and hotter. Is it coincidence that three of my four hotties are English? I dunno, but I DO know that I love that dry, sarcastic humor of the British. Is it coincidence that three of the four can play funny or dramatic convincingly? I dunno. I just know I loves them all.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh, Hugh, Hugh - it doesn't hurt that you remind me of an older Chris Martin. I am not so into House as I used to be, but I love you nonetheless. You are witty, charming, scruffy, adorable, intelligent, and sexaaaay. I would play doctor wiv you anyday.

Ames: Paging Dr. Adorable.
Shan: It's the Chris Martin thang, isn't it?
Ames: It is. It really, really is.

Bill Nighy

I first saw Mr. Nighy in Love, Actually, and his performance was geeeeeen-ius. Everytime I watch the movie, I love him a little more. He can also be covered in seaweed in a crappy sequal, and I still love him. Or, or, orrrrrr he could be a zombie locked in a car, and I will STILL love him. See, that's the wonder that is Bill Nighy. It's not just anyone who could be a pervy, aging rock star or a zombie and still be charming, but he is. Hollaaaa, Bill!!!

Ames: Just like Stevie Nicks, you are on your own with this one, sistah. Gramps is all yours.
Shan: I'll take him - I'm comfortable with my geriatric crush.

Stanley Tucci

Stanley - homina homina, you Italian Stallion, you. I love you gay (Devil Wears Prada), I love you straight (A Life Less Ordinary), I love you funny (It Could Happen to You) or scary (one of those John Grisham movies with Julia Roberts) or sweet (Big Night). I love you cooking (An Italian Christmas With Mario and Giada), and I REALLLLLY love that you were in Miami Vice. Who knew?

Ames: I say it's the bald head and the mouth. And the Miami Vice.
Shan: Note to self - Idea for future post: Hot Bald Guys - Ed Harris, I'm lookin at you...

Ames: Yes, please. Bald is the hotness.

Simon Pegg
Maybe my favorite of the Unexpected Hottie. Ohhhhh, Simon - you devil you. You had me at Shaun of the Dead, which was HI-larious, and also starred Mr. Nighy. However, it was your turn in Run, Fat Boy, Run, which clinched your status on my list. We all know, as I have stated before, that funny trumps cute any day, but you, sir, are both. I didn't realize just how many movies you HAVE been in, until I googly-oooogled you. Methinks I see a Simon Pegg-a-thon in the near future.

Ames: You DO realize that Simon Pegg looks like your husband, don't you? Surely, you must. So either you really do fancy Simon or you are just trying to cover your arse by talking about all these men on here. I mean I'm just sure our husbands read our blog daily.

Shan: Does he REALLY look like Mr. T? Hmmmm....I keep going back and looking, but just don't see it. Natty Lite - please weigh in here. Does Simon P = Mr. T?

Ames: Seriously? You don't see it? You do see I look like Charlize Theron though, don't you?

Shan: I do not. No matter, Mr. T is hotter than Mr. P any day of the week. I thought we were supposed to say you looked like Rachel Weisz....

Amy, still: Hmmmmmm, I'm having to think on this one a wee bit. I mean other than the blatant crushes I may have on these two gentlemen...

They aren't just funny. They are smart. And, as we are wont to do here on MBB, I think that qualifies them as "fart", er, let's go with "smunny" instead. Or "filarious" if that suits you better. Intelligent humor is the best, says the girl that just typed the word "fart."

Shan: Ohhhhhhh yes, the Fart Guy (not to be confused with the FartER...) Sigh. Jon and Stephen, I heart you both (or would that be I fart you both? now I'm confused...) I was just drooling over Mr. Colbert last night, with his new buzz cut....I think he should ALWAYS have a buzz cut. I'LL buzz you ANYTIME, Stephen Colbert.

Wait - did I just type that last line out loud?

To our now TWENTY-TWO readers - please weigh in with yo OWN unexpected crushes. There has to be SOMEONE out there with their own BIll Nighy.

Ames: Shan, I think you forgot your love for Danny DeVito. I still hope that's a joke though.

Shan: I TOTALLY realized I had missed my Danny after I typed out this post. Never fear - he is still number one in my heart.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Okay, you KNOW I'll play! I am strangely attracted to Seth Green. Here's a rather cute picture:

...Don't Judge Me! ; D

MerciBlahBlah said...


I can totally see that. He's funny and cute. Fute. As a friend said about Kris Allen "he has that grin and that look that says "yeah, I'd get with your mom and you'd still like me" about him.


Natasha said...

First.... Alan Rickman as Snape, from Harry Potter. drooooooolalicious.

Second... Simon no lookey like Mr. T. Sorry Ames.

Third... FART.