Friday, July 10, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private: Follow the Bouncing Ball

In case you are new here to MBB, from time to time Shan and I post our random old IM chats. One might say it's our way of posting something without having to put any thought into it. One might be right. Nevertheless, it's a good insight to how random we can be in the course of 10 minutes or less, and proof that we cover the hard-hitting topics facing the nation today. Or mindless crap. Your call.

Aaaaaaaaaaand scene:

Amy: mucho importante... is there anything fabulous to look forward to on SYTYCD tonight? Me not get home til eleven last night.

Shannan: YES

Amy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shannan: OOooooh there was a routine that was a cross between hip hop and rock and was AWESOME

Amy: remember who it was?

Shannan: and another couple did the pase double (or however you spell it) - the hip hop rock was Brandon and his partner

Amy: I think it's Pasta Diablo but I could be wrong

Shannan: and the ballet girl and her partner did a great rotine too. are you sure it's not the pesto diorshow?

Amy: not 100%

Shannan: and by "rotine" I clearly mean "rotini."

Amy: clearly. this conversation is fusili.

Shannan: I needs to eat some lunchity unch before the bebes wake up

Amy: get on it then

Shannan: methinks I will have my Kashi Mayan Bake - YUM

Amy: i just had chicken noodle soup from noodles and co. that kyle brought me b/c I no feel so bueno. i swear my ear infection in making me nauseous

Shannan: I beleeeeb it. does it also make you dizzy?

Amy: that or all the heroinz. uh huh, i have the spins

Shannan: you need to get off the SMACK, woman! and stop drinking during the day too.

Amy: how will i pass the time then? you need to think this through better

Shannan: omg last night Tom and I were playing w/the Wii and it was cracking me up

Amy: i have 24 hours to fill

Shannan: we needs to do that when you bizit

Amy: go onnnnnnnnnnnnnn. playing whatsies?

Shannan: I did the hula hoop. Tom hit about 987 soccer balls w/his head. I did rhythm (nation) boxing. some balance stuff. some other balance stuff. we can bowl

Amy: just a virtual hula hoop. like you just stand there and gyrate?

Shannan: yes - it cracks me up. that is correct, sir.

Amy: farrah fawcett died

Shannan: just doing it cracks me up. SHE DID??

Shannan: Oh no - I saw something about her the other day and thought she must not be doing well at all

Amy: sorry to break it to you in the middle of this IM - just popped in me brain thingies

Shannan: that's too bad. did she and ryan o'neal get married?

Amy: not sure they had time yet???

Shannan: I knew that had decided to. speaking of popping into the brain -

Amy: sadness

Shannan: have you been following the Perez/Will.I.Am thing?

Amy: just a wee bit

Shannan: what do you fink?

Amy: if it happened like Perez says then it's wrong. i mean, i'm not gonna make some 13 minute overly dramatic and slightly drugged out seeming video about it but hitting is bad.

Shannan: yeah, I don't think getting smacked in the face was necessary, but what he says about people for a living every single day - is he REALLY shocked by it?

Amy: yeah, that was ridiculous to say that to Will.I.Am's face or anywhere....I mean why would he use that word?

Shannan: I hope the situation at least makes him think about the things he says in the future, but I don't think it will

Amy: Tres hypocrytical me thinks

Shannan: I KNOW! And he made a statement that he could care less what GLAAD thinks about it.He's not doing any favors for the gay community

Amy: but you get someone else being defamatory toward the ghey and he won't stfu about it

Shannan: I KNOW!

Amy: at least dlisted is funneh

Shannan: Now who's acting all Miss California? I was kind of hoping I would see something on another blog about it - just to get their point of view

Amy: please don't let there be topless pics of perez out there...

Shannan: ugh - you KNOW he would have four "Moobs."

Amy: Like Ron on Biggest Loser

Shannan: I am still reading this Wal Fart Bingo thing up on my screen, and it makes me giggle like a little school girrrrrllll

Amy: The Teets of a Nursing Golden Retriever as I like to call them

Shannan: "Obese person using scooter," CHECK

Amy: you've never seen it? perfection

Shannan: I don't think so

Amy: gum would be perfection

Shannan: "Someone oblivious to the fact they are in your way," CHECK CHECK
Okay milady - my lunch is done. I's going to go eat it and watch Top Chef Masters

Amy: alrighty. enjoy. i have so much good tv to watch tonight. happy girl.

Shannan: YAY good TV!

Shannan: Tis too bad you cannot virtual hula hoop!

Amy: I can. I gyrate all the time. Some call it "wiggle"...I call it "maize."

Shannan: and some call it "how much did she have to drink???"


The Townhouselady said...

You girls crack me up. Seriously you two need to go on tour. I love reading your hilarity.

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