Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stuff That Makes For Good Ear Candy: Erin McCarley

The other night I went to see Mat Kearney in concert. It.Was.Awesome. I think I have professed my love for him before...ring a bell? The live experience did not disappoint. There is always that fear that you are going to go see an artist you love in concert and end up jumping on stage to try and hug them and end doing that thing where the bouncer drags you away and you are kicking and crying and hold out your hands like a toddler who wants his mommy. Wait, wrong story. What I meant, was there is always that fear you are going to see an artist you love live and end up being disappointed by how they sound live. Not the case here my friends. Not even close. Mat rocked the casbah. He sounded flawless.

As did his opening act....Erin McCarley.

Back in the day (which was a Wednesday) I prided myself on knowing all of the up and coming artists. Kind of like Perez Hilton recommending music but without the inexplicable fascination with Lady Gaga. Well that was in college when I worked at a music store where we sold cassette singles and cds came in those long cardboard boxes. This is 20 years later. (OHMYHELL...20 years. Gulp.) So, it's now such a treat to find a new artist that you hadn't heard of and instantly fall in love. Thus the case with Erin McCarley.

I know some people (I'm looking at youuuuuuuuuuuu, Ed and Mike) think all female artists sound the same, and while there are certainly similarities in Erin and some of my other favorite female artists, the most obvious one is that they are all incredibly talented and can SANG. Girlfriend SANG on Monday night at the concert. I could have listened to her all night. Her songs are lyrically entertaining and instantly catchy. If you like things that don't suck, you will like Erin McCarley. I have a feeling we'll all be hearing more about EC (I call her that b/c we're tight now) in the near future. She good. She realllllllll good.

Check it out now. Funk Soul Brothaz.

Did I mention she is this ridiculously gorgeous combination of Natalie Maines, Kate Beckinsale and Evangeline Lilly and looks insanely cute in a hat? I know. Not even fair.


Beth & Brian said...

Hey-check out A Fine Frenzy. LOVE her! She opened up for Rufus Wainwright a couple of years ago. Great live; great album!