Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ode to Cat Deeley is SO June 19, 2009

Get with it, In Style. I BELIEVE Ames and I extolled the virtues of Miz. Deeley here, for your viewing pleasure.
I do thank you, however, for posting the photo of this EHHH-HEHHHHH-HEXCELLENT vintage jumpsuit. So. Frigging. Awesome.

Cat - we STILL love you, and remember - WE loved you first. Merci! Shan

Dear In Style,

Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, derp derp. Tell us something we don't know. Like when you are going to feature us in the magazine.



The Townhouselady said...

You know I love me some Cat but...

Why have you guys not entered my giveaway? Free Lipsticks, gloss and then some, HELLOOOoooo???

click here, Go. Now! Just leave a comment saying which is your favorite. Easy Peasy.

amy * stem * said...

Drat. I meant to do that the other day and got sidetracked. Darn work getting in the way of blogville. I quit!

Going now....hode peas.
- amy

Natasha said...

Did you guys see her on Conan last Friday? She was super uber cute and said that she has a crush on two chicks in Missouri.

MerciBlahBlah said...

DON'T tease us, Natasha.