Monday, July 27, 2009

Like A Gazelle

Take one short girl at the Boston Logan Airport on her way home from vacation.

Add in one of these on the way tippy top shelf.

Mix with a display of these sitting next to short girl on tippy toes now attempting to catch falling magazine she is holding by the cover with all its stupid subscription postcards flying about while she tries to catch the whole lot of it and you have a near-miss incident of said girl narrowly avoiding hitting.....
HIM in the head with the flying debris. You DO manage however to adeptly knock off some of the displayed water though at his feet. You glance up and say "being short is HARD" and get the classic Michael Scottesque giggle/oooops/grin whilst he helps you pick up water though.

I'm nothing if not graceful. Like a gazelle. Told ya.



(I heart him.)


Jill said...


I once opened the door of the frozen food section at Rice Epicurean Grocery Store in Houston... into George Bush Sr.! The secret service guys were all over me!!

The Townhouselady said...

Oh my gosh! What a great story. Glad to know he's a nice guy in the real world. It would have blown my mind if he huffed and puffed and gotten pissy.

I totally crush on him. Funny is super sexy to me.

brooke said...

this completely sounds like something i would do...haha...i refuse to ask for help as i can and will do it on my own thank you very much! and i heart michael scott...