Monday, July 6, 2009

I Take It Back

A few weeks ago Ames and I had this general convo:

Amy: Do you like plaid?

Me: Not really - it's too 1990s grunge.

Amy: I just got a really cute plaid shirt.

Me: What da HAIL are you doing shopping???? Didn't we have a pact to stop, or did I make that with myself?????

The end.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I was in Marshall's and came across a pair of grey skinny-inny-inny jeans, somewhat distressed (the jeans, not moi) with some skull and bonery across the back pockets. I immediately felt I needed them in my life, and kept gravitating to a little plaid blouse to try on with them. Went and tried them on, decided that yes, I DID definitely need them in my life, and bought said plaid, along wiv said jeans.

Then I saw this adorable outfit on Atlantis Home:

And this one with the aid of my friend, Google Image Search:

And this one of Kate Moss, which may be my Favey Crockett because of the Laid-Back Plaid Vibe + Rock Star Tiny Jacket (not to be confused with Tiny Dancer), skinny jeans and booties. LOVES her use of skinny mini layers.

So I think it's safe to say I will be rocking something similar come fall, which is hell and gone from the fourth of July.

And that is the end of my story about plaid. Let's move on to harem pants, shall we?

That's right - I said harem pants, and which I keep typing as harme pants, so maybe my brain is trying to tell me that nothing but harme can come from harem. I digress, howevah....

So I was blog surfing whilst waiting for my Key Lime Pie to finish baking, and came across THIS most excellently fashionable blog, Phi Style, with THIS photo:
IN MY DEFENSE, let me say that these are not HAMMER / harem pants, but rather, just great slouchy linen pants that haaaappen to be gathered at the ankle. The way she has styled them is TRES chic, in my humble opinion. Love the tank, looooooove the shoes, the belt is excellent, and I think you know how I feel about the necklaces. 'Nuff said.

So to recap, these are fantastic:

These are craptastic:
A good rule of thumb to follow when wearing pants? If they fit like my 13-month olds' diapers after a hard night's sleep, or if M.C. Hammer is leaving messages asking you to style his come-back video, Hammer Time 2009, chances are the harems are doing more HARME than good.


First things first, I'm glad we no longer have to fight over John Mayer and plaid and that you have tasted the rainbow with me. Wait, that's Skittles. I meant to say, you have seen the light. I know you will rock that plaid. If you even think of rocking John Mayer's world....sad day for the Trips as they will need a new mommy.

Dos: At what point are we just going to stop asking if the other person likes something or at the very least even bother put up a fight? Seriously, 99.9% of the time we are either going to like the exact same thing at the same time or come around to it soonly. We never learn. We're so silly. Ohhhhhhhh, us.

Which brings me to...

Atlantis Home picture: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Good linen harem pants on the fab Phi Style: Oh, indeed.

Bad Hammer Pants: I never knew my eyes could vomit. True story.


Post Script: Did you seriously think I was going to let the fact that you went shopping slip by unmentioned? Nice attempt to distract me with photos after that text. You KNOW it takes a shiny penny or poster of Fred Grandy to get me off topic.


The Townhouselady said...


Can't touch this- Don't want to but thanks all the same.

Yeah that chickie has got some supa-dupa-fly pants. Love!