Monday, July 20, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

Amy and I were double-tagged by our homegirl at A Townhouselady's Life for a round of "Honest Scrap!"By being tagged, we each have to list 10 truly honest things about ourselves, then tag some of you... and no judging Wivout further ado:

Shannan's Scrap:
  1. I can speak in a better Irish accent than my hubby (who was born and raised there). Seriously. It's a gift - don't hate. Appreciate.

  2. I have a cake named after me. When we got married I asked the person making our cake if she made pink champagne cake. She didn't, but found a recipe and named it after me: Shannan's Pink Champagne Cake. It was scrumptious. Mmmmmm - caaaaaake. I heart cake.

  3. I spent 2.5 months in the hospital on bedrest before giving birth to triplets. It was one of the two hardest things I have ever done - probably even harder than the giving of the birth. There were horrible days of feeling sorry for myself, crying for days on end, going stir crazy, feeling like it was never going to end - it was hell. Still, the end result was the best thing ever. Our three peanuts are like having Christmas every day.

  4. Unless you are Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels, don't talk to me at when I am working out. I am not in the gym to blab, Chatty Cathy, I'm there to do my thang and go. If I'm on the elliptical or the treadmill, don't even think of striking up a conversation. If you have a magazine, your cell phone, and are trying to talk to me, you are not working out hard enough. Also, is it REALLY necessary to sing along to your ipod? Or even worse, to grunt loudly while you are lifting? Come on. You are clearly not training for the Mr. Universe competition, so “shhhhhh.” And the most annoying thing I ever heard in the gym? The dork who gave himself a pep talk as he was lifting. Dude, you look like Seth Rogan (not that there is anything wrong with Seth Rogan – I found him endearing in Superbad and The 40 Year Old Virgin – but I digress). Anyhoo, Annoying Seth Rogan Look Alike In The Gym, next time you're working out, here's a tip: just THINK those words in your head. It is not necessary to repeat: “You can DO this. You've NEVER lifted this much weight in your life, but you can DO it.” Seriously, you were lifting like 20 pounds. My grandma can bench that much. Repeat after me: Just think it in your head. Just think it in your head....

  5. Sometimes, when Scarlett is upstairs throwing a hot fit because she does not want to nap, I stand downstairs and laugh, because girlfriend can THROW A FIT. However, sometimes, she sounds a little too much like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and it is at those moments that I say a wee prayer. Just in case.

  6. I have talked to a serial killer before. There was a man who used to own a booth at a flea market that my friends and I frequented in high school. We stopped in every once in a while to inquire about the masks and jewelry he had displayed, and he was a nice, polite man. When I was in college, he was arrested as a serial killer who tortured and killed several young gay men who lived in our community. His name was Bob Berdella.

  7. When they tell you that Irish weddings last all night long, they are not kidding. Shannan could not hang with all the old Irish grannies, who were drinking and dancing and carrying on until 6 in the a.m. Shannan slunk off to bed at 2 a.m. Shannan is a lightweight.

  8. I am still miffed about losing the spelling bee in the 6th grade. Damn you, silent letters! I never mis-spelled Ptarmigan again.

  9. I love to cook, and am frankly baffled when people say they can't cook. Can you read? Then surely you can follow a recipe. It doesn't have to be a five-star Michelin rating meal, but seriously, home made spaghetti sauce isn't that hard.

  10. The single event that has made me stronger in every way? Walking out of an abusive relationship. Though I would not wish to go through it ever again, it has made me the person I am today, and I am a pretty damn good person.

Amy's Scrap:


I either want to lose a lot of weight and get back in shape overnight or gain a bunch of weight so I can go on Biggest Loser and train with Jillian and Bob. AND truth be told, I'd probably have to pick Jillian because I'd just giggle like a schoolgirl and drool all the time if Bob was within 2 feet of me. Bob...turn straight and call me.


I don’t drive on the highway because I have panic attacks. Okay, sometimes I drive them. Right now (as in the last 3 years or so) I am in one of my non-highway driving stages though. The upside is I can tell you 357 ways to get somewhere as long as you don’t mind leaving 2 hours earlier than necessary. BONUS: You get more time to hang out with me.


I think I look way younger than almost 37. I know I act it and probably dress it. However, if you could convince me botox wouldn’t make me look weird then I would get a smidge at my smile lines before they actually turn into parentheses around my mouth. Everything I say isn’t really that parenthetical.


Why can’t everyone love playing board games as much as I do? I am THAT girl that always wants to play board games. I may have even packed Catch Phrase in my purse a time or twelve when going over to someone's house juuuuuust in case they want to play with me. I may also be THAT girl that is not invited to parties very often.


Paul and I can go an entire night without speaking in our actual voices or saying words the “right” way. Very mature.


To that, I married the funniest boy I know. Thanks! Yes, we met on the interwebs. Mad love to the interwebs as Shan and I met there, too. Have we told you about our first date? We both had a bad case of the nerves that fateful night at Brio. Thank you, Zinfandel for your calming juices. Since then I have either met in person or at least "met" online some of my fave peeps and I can't wait to meet them all in person one day.


If I could live inside a sweet potato I would. They are delicious.


My parents are getting divorced after 43 years and even though I've had some drama in my life (bad marriage at 21, miscarriage, mugged, other bad things that start with "m" apparently) it is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. The whole thing started about 3 years ago and it is still hard


I super giant puffy heart Reality TV. I do. Guilty. Lock me up. Top Chef? Yep. Project Runway? Uh huh. The Bachelorette? Yes. The Biggest Loser? Affirmative. So You Think You Can Dance? Si. American Idol. I do. America's Next Top Model? Das me. Well, I'M not ANTM but you get the idea. I'm sure there are 87 more but in the interest of me being lazy, I'll stop.


I have pretty awesome hair 98% of the time. I'm sorry, it's true.


I have weird phobias and fears and oddities/quirks. In this case, I hate even numbers. I set the alarm for an odd number. Set the microwave in odd numbers. End lists in odd numbers. Abruptly.

So now we are handed the task of passing this along to some of my new favorite bloggers. I'm going to hit up those that are new to me so I can get to know them better:

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If we tagged you, and you are thinking - OH GREAT, now I have to play along or I'm going to look like the D-bag who DIDN'T, but I have 897 things to accomplish on my list before 9 a.m., and who are these women ANYWAY who tagged me, DO NOT SWEAT IT. It's a friggin blog tag - it's not like you're refusing to donate a kidney to the only person in the world who is a match to you - it's just our self esteem and fragile mental states that you are EFFING AROUND WITH.


Shan and Amy


The Townhouselady said...

I knew you guys would crack me up.

Thanks for playing along. Amy, you will be receiving the home game (sorry, it's not the travel edition).

All the best- THL

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Shan-#5 LOL, Thank YOU! I used to laugh at some of the innapropriate things when my kids were little and would think to myself "really? you're laughing? But you're the Mother!?" #6-CREEPY, #9-Tru Dat, Sistah...If you can read, You can cook.
Amy-#6 I KNOW you are talkin' about ME here!; D LOL, #8-Aww, Big Hugs, #11-Yeah, You Crazy...but in a good way!

Beth & Brian said...

Shannan! That is tooooo creepy! You were face-to-face with Bob Berdella?!