Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Icon Friday: Atlantis Home

Live to you, direct from Dallas, comes our latest Fashion Icon Friday. Ames and I are both fans of Judy at Atlantis Home, and she is one of our daily blog stops. I personally love that she shows that women of all ages can be fab-you-lous, whether you are 22, 42, or 62 (NOT that Miz Judy is 62, or even 42 - I have no idea how old she is. Oh great - I hope I didn't just offend one of our featured icons. Crap....) And it doesn't just end with Judy - oh no - check out her fan-friggin-tastic daughter Jane's dope blog Sea of Shoes - another of our daily stops.

I love her mix of vintage eclectic avant garde clothing, and puh-leeeeze, don't even get me started on her collection of Christopher Ross belts.

Girlfriend also shares DIY tips, travel photos, and in general, makes me green with envy. Check the sartorial statement below - a lovely Matthew Williamson dress:

Don't EVEN get me started on the mix of vintage and YSL Tribute pumps she rocks here:Vintage chunky belt? Yes, please....
Please feast your eyes on the WICKED AWESOME Aldejandro jewels on her feets below. I think I just blacked out a minute...

Behold below - I give to you - The Coolest Friggin Outfit EVER:

Vintage Sequin Jacket, Topshop tee, and Pants So Avant Garde that Shannan Could Never Afford. I CAN, however, recreate the look - and fully intend to - with the $7 bargain I scored at Forever 21 this weekend. Can't WAAAAAIT.

Thank you, Miz Judy, for your inspiration and excellent wardrobe!!!


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh No She Is Not Rockin' A Fanny Pack?!!!!

judy aldridge said...

Oh Thanks guys--I'm so flattered!!! I put you in my bookmarks...judy

MerciBlahBlah said...

Miz Judy! We are honored that you bookmarked us. Thank you for the daily inspiration!