Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Um, Guilty.

Look people, I have no shame in my game so I can admit that A) I'm a skeerdy cat and B) I'm smitten with Tori & Dean. What in the name of Lawrence Welk do those have to do with each other, you ask? Well, it's perfectly logical, durrrr.

I'm a big skeerdy cat when my husband is out of town and insist on sleeping on the couch. (I'm well aware that makes me an easier target for the kidnappers/home invaders/cat burglars, but I never claimed to be logical unless you read that paragraph above in which I sort of referenced logic directly.)

SO, when he is gone I "sleep" on the couch with the TV on until I finally wake up for the 4th time about 4 a.m. and decide to actually put on my big girl panties and go to bed. The last couple of nights may have been filled with late night reruns of Tori and Dean. Have you watched this show? In the past I've caught bits and pieces and found Tori to be very amusing and the relationship they have to actually be very sweet. Now I think that AND just think they straight up funny. I may have to add this to the DVR next to the other stuff my husband rolls his eyes at repeatedly.

(No, I'm not recording RHONJ, Shannan but you'll be glad to know I have watched pieces of two episodes of that as well. It's a start so get off my back woman. )


My cousin Holly has told me how she has The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name for Tori, so I have been meaning to catch the show. I will TRY to forget that you are giving RHONJ the cold shoulder. Also, as you know, The Hubs and I have a spare bedroom that would be delightful for someone who may be skeered to stay by herself. It has its own bafroom, which I would happily stock with plenty of reading material if someone were so inclined, not to mention I think you know about the rockin brunch I made Natty Lite last weekend, wif my goat cheese, dill and truffle scrambled eggs, bagels and cream cheese, blanched asparagus wrapped in cream cheese and salami, and Grand Marnier strawberries and blueberries. I'm just sayin.

Ooooh! Gotta run - Tori and Dean are back on!



Melanie said...

I am officially addicted to Tori and Dean...I thought it was going to be stupid, but Tori is actually FUNNY!

oh, and hope you caught Real Housewives last night-Theresa's daughter Gia is the most hilarious thing ever. She stole the show...