Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Girls' Weekend in The Lou

Dude. We will be there TOMORROW. I expect lots of this:
Amy: Check. Pulled out some red from the cabinet and am chilling some white already.

a little of this:

Amy: Yaaaaaay, I saved it to watch togeths.
some of this:
Amy: Hello, Herbie's. To see you Saturday at 7:30. As I told the reservation lady who asked if there were any food allergies or special requests, "Yes, I request delicious things in my mouth." I hope she's recovered.

some Saturday morning this (minus the cheesy "Look at Me - I'm Zumba-ing!" expression):

Amy: Mic check one two one two. You've just cemented the fact that I'm going to bring not only "it" but the biggest cheesy grin ever. The whole time. I might even "woo" at some point just to embarrass you.

and this:

Amy: I shall take you to a local coffee haus that I heart. (No offense, Starbucks.)

PERHAAAAAPS some of this:

Amy: We're getting dogs?

and DEFINITELY one of these:

Amy: One?

By the by, I will be wearing these:

Amy: Great. We're gonna be twins.

Can't wait to see you, Pooper!