Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Cat Deeley

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night (and of course muting any part where Mary Murphy was talking), and aside from the fact that I think Cat Deeley and I would be best friends because we are SO alike - both gorgeous, blonde, 6-foot tall amazons, I realized that girlfriend has one of the best wardrobes on TV, DESPITE what I saw otherwise on the interwebs last night when I stated digging for photos of her. The number of people who hate her wardrobe was astounding. Clearly, they are ignorant and have no sense of fashion. Can I get an amen? Seriously though, my New Secret Girl Crush is so great because she has that I Am the Most Perfect Woman In the Room, Yet Somehow Still Look Like the Girl Next Door magical combination that makes her accessible to men AND women. Beyotch.

(Amy here: Thing one: I loves that you are watching this show with me now. My heart sings. For the record, my heart has the voice of an angel. I think you mean we would ALL be BFFs though. Don't even act like you are ditching me b/c I am pretty sure she wouldn't help you write this blog.

Thing Two: Amen
Shan again: I stand corrected - we all WOULD be BFFs)

Anyhoooooozle, I found some of my Favey Crocketts of Miz. Deeley (who, if you google yourself and come across our humble blog, please drop a line - that is protocol here at MerciBlahBlah). Wivout further adooooo, I give you Cat Deeley and Her Amazing Fantastic Super Bananas Wardrobe.

Herve Leger dress, Gucci shoes
Okay - This is not fair. Are her legs 8 feet long?
Amy: You are right. She's our twin. Triplet. Mirror image.

I have NO idea who the designer is, and cannot for the life of me find this pic again online now. Oopsie!!

Amy: FIND IT. Oh wait, we're not shopping per "The Pact" that isn't going very well. Nevermind.

Shan: Do you have something to tell me?????? Have you been shopping?!!!

Vintage dress, Gina heels, Topshop clutch
Amy: Hello gorg ruffles.

I think by now I have fully expressed my Love of the Pantsuit. You, sir, rock.
Amy: The perfect outfit.

Really, Deeley? REALLY? Do you HAVE to look like this?!
Amy: Is this the dress that one chick from Benjamin Buttons wore to the Oscahs?

Burberry dress for the Costume Institute Gala
A little scary, a little Sharon Stone meets Wilma Flintstone Love Child, but there is still something fab-you-lous about this.

Amy: It's feathers. Don't even act like there is a question of its glory.

Whoa - Hey! How'd that get in there? No matter - we'll just...uh...LEAVE it in. Yeah. I can't help it! It came up when I googled Cat Deeley white dress! So it's Daniel Craig in a white dress shirt! Let's just pretend this never happened, and uh...errr...Daniel, you look so HAWT with those buttons undone, that icy stare....homina homina....whoseeewhatsit???
What happened just then? I think I blacked out.

Amy: Oh happy intentional accident. He's totally looking at you, Shan.
Shan: I KNOW.

One of my faves. Wish I had written down who designed it!

Amy: Gay angels. That's who. That's the perfect combination for those that don't know.
Or Julien McDonald.

SO adorable. So flawless. So chic vintage yet still completely modern.

Amy: One of my fave of all of the times.

Annnd, one more for you Shan.

"Oh, I just threw this on and look better than you will ever look in your life. Ever."

Shan: Cat, Cat, Cat - How is it that I can hate you yet love you simultaneously? (And I can totally hear you saying simultaneously in that British way you have - SIMMM-ulll-taneously).

And seriously, can we just talk about how PERFECT her hair is every single time. Who looks that cute with that whole crazy bow/bird's nest action? I mean, other than us. You know how we're always wearing that.

Shan: True dat. Girlfriend's hair is PURRRR-fection. It may even be better than my OTHER BFF's hair - you may know her - Jennifer Aniston. Please don't tell Jen I said that though.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Love the post, Looooove Cat, and love you guys for making me laugh out loud!
Did you ever notice how she is not afraid to be completely silly and goofy becouse she still comes off as being endearing and completely confident in her own skin?! I want to be her when I grow up....

BTW, I've been practicing, and I'm pretty sure I can Pop-n-Lock just like those kids on the show!!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much for this ode to Cat Deeley...she's a doll, love her and LOVE her wardrobe. I want her stylist, seriously. I like her hair much better this season, I think it's shorter and a bit more under control.

thanks for your hilarious posts, they always make me laugh!

The Townhouselady said...

WE LOVE CAT! By we I mean my husband and I. He is particularly fond of her crooked nose and wants to know if she got in a scuffle and whooped some butt. What can I say, he's a guy and I think the whole glamazon girlfight thing turns him on big time. I love her for allthe reasons you stated above AND because she genuinely LOVES the dancers and gets upset when they go. She's not just cheesing for the camera.

On another note I found you chickies though I don't know how many other blogs I linked through and think you're fab. These posts had me rolling.

I'm so jumping on and following your crazy (and spot frickin on) azzes.

Feel free to pop by my way anytime and check out my schnit..

I'll be back!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Chris - Oh sure, you can Pop & Lock, but can you do the ROBOT (see incriminating photo of moi in previous post)... Glad we are making someone besides ourselves laugh!!

Melanie - Thank you - it's about time someone did an ode to Cat! We loves her. Glad to see you concur, and glad you're enjoying our humble bloggity-ogg.

Townhouse - Yay! We love new readers - so glad you stumbled upon us and enjoy our ramblings. You know, I have a crooked nose, but somehow I STILL do not look like Cat. I will deffo stop by your blog and take a look-see!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Yaaaaaaaay, fresh meat. New blood. Suckaz. Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere.

I totally wanted to say blogosphere. Gag.

- Amy

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