Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Blogroll!

I'm picking my bottom again. Wait - that didn't sound right. I mean, I'm picking faves from my bottom from the end...ummmm....let me start over.

Every time I come across a great bloggity ogg, I add it to my faves, which throws it to the bottom of my list until I remember how to reorder them alphabetically. Thus, any out-of-order blogs are the newest at the bottom of my list. Fascinating, isn't it? I know - not really.

Luckily, these little numbers ARE fascinating and fab-you-lous. Check em out yo damn self.

Mmmmm-kay, I don't even remember faving and saving this link, but I'm glad I did, because there are some KEYOOOOOT dresses there fo CHEAP. Lay your peepers on this one, but don't get too attached, because it is MINE:

She Plays Dress Up
I stumbled across this blog from Atlantis Home, and boy am I glad I did. Girlfriend rocks, and had some great eye candy as well as fabooosh links to OTHER great sites. Please check her out:

Are you frigging kidding me? Check out those shoes, that jacket, that incre-hehhhh-edible collar peeking out. You can see the entire post here, and have fun browsing.

Life In Travel
Another linksie from Atlantis Home, another smashing fashion blog. For realsies?

You should all know by now what I love about this look: mixture of high and low end, those layered necklaces, check the fabooo bracelets, and puh-leeze, don't even mention those shoes. DAMN! Note to self: add nude stilettos to wish list...

Nini's Style
Holy. Crap. Miz Nini may be my favorite fashionista next to The Glamourai. Girlfriend rocks. da. HOUSE. Another great alchemist of high and low end eccentricity that just works. Are you serious? Do not make me stop this car. This is what I imagine that FEROCIOUS vintage 80s jumpsuit is saying (and by the by, that is Hanh from Life In Travel with Nini below).

These ladies WORK it! They work on a Saturdaaaay, maybe even on a Sundaaaay. Oh, my apologies, I just lapsed into my worst W. impersonation there. Ugh. Nevertheless, hope you have fun browsing the sites above.




Ames - come back whenever you're ready girl. Loves you.


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