Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stuff We Love: Bloggity-Oggs

Any blog that has a post titled "I Like Big Hair And I Cannot Lie," which combines two of my favorite things: big hair (durrrr) and Sir Mix A Lot, HAS to be included in our blogroll. Don't take my word for it though. Check it out your damn self here - Down and Out Chic.

Amy: Pretty Pretty Princess site of lovely things.

Ooooh - a blog with So You Think You Can Dance recaps??? Yes, please! And, and, annnnd fashion, beauty, design, and smart-arsery? Sign me up! Check out Life Is Bananas for more fun.

Amy: Does this mean you are willing to watch SYTYCD this season and do recaps with me, Shaaannnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaan? You know I have the forbidden love for that show. Don't tease me.

Shan: Aaaaammmmy, I AM watching SYTYCD. Can you say the same for Real Housewives of New Jersey???? Well, caaaaan yoooooooou?

For something to be described by moi as "peacockulous," well, it had darn well better be. The luscious blog Peacock Feathers fits the bill quite nicely. Bright, shiny, fab and fun - meloves. Gorgemous.

Amy: Definitely one of our collective fave new fun finds. She got us at Peacock Feathers and then kept us with her ability to find the most lovely things AND rock out her own pad in a way that can only be described as....yes, PEACOCKULOUS.