Friday, June 26, 2009

Can We Observe a Moment of Silence?

For the plate of Huevos Rancheros that just ended up in my belly. Let us give thanks to Casa del Camino, in Laguna Beach, for re-introducing me to the wonder that is eggs over easy on refried beans on cheese on salsa on corn tortillas on a plate. Hallelujah. Amen.



DEVIL WOMAN. You are making my stomach angry at my eyeballs for their ability to read this.

I am however hopeful that this means you are changing your tune on Mexican food a wee bit. I cry salty tears every time I think about your self-professed low opinion of The Cuisine Of The Heavens. To going out for Meh he kan and Margaritas together would be the best. I'll settle for La Bodega tapas and Mojitos though. Oh man, can we go there next week when I come to spend the night?

I'll give you my Mrs. Roper dress....


Dearest Ames,
First of all - don't EVEN lie about giving me The Dress. You KNOW you have no intention. Shame on you, I say. Secondly, I am sorry to tell you that my love of the huevos rancheros does NOT indicate a new-found love for other Mexican food (besides a plate of nachos now and then). I am just not a fan of the CGQ (Cheesy Greasy Queasy). Don't hate me because I have a discerning palate.

If Jen is in, and we can find a babysitter, however, I am IN for La Bodega and mojitoooos, OR we can just stay insies and make a pitcher or two of our frozen cherry mojitos.

Lovey Love Love,


Nevermind. I rescind my offer of the dress. I was THIS CLOSE to giving it to you. Too bad.

I also rescind my request to go out since I have limited Trips Time anyhoo. Let's make FCMs and laff at Triple Threat until they go to bed, at which point we have more FCM's and just start laughing at each other playing Wii.



The Townhouselady said...

Ohhhh my mouth is watering for that delicious goodness right now.

You're an evil girl for teasing us with this.

Shame on you!