Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthdaaaaay, Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaa

So I knooooow this isn't my "baby blog," but I couldn't help but share some pics and a video or two of The Trips' first b-day. I may be an eeeeensy bit biased, but they really ARE the cutest babies ever. Ate waaaay too much cake, but at least I didn't end up with it up my nose like SOME people did (I'm looking at you, Gavin).....
Mmmmwwwwaaaahhh!! Mommy loves you, peanuts!

Scarlett wearing Auntie Natasha's sunnies.

These are the adorable "smash cakes" that my awesome friend Kim (my favorite caterer) gave us as a gift. I don't even want to say this because Amy is going to kick my arse, but I completely forgot to take a pic of the main cake (that was as good as my wedding cake - one layer of banana, one layer of chocolate with Kahula filling), and I hope to GOD someone else got a photo of it.

Babies and cake - Before

Gavie Happy Fella

Scarlett - Look how nice her cake looks compared to the boys'. She picked at it daintily and ate as neatly as she possibly could.

annnnnd check out the carnage that is Simon's cake. Are you for real? Yes, yes he was.

And these videos aren't from the big b-day shindig today, because we really got better photos than videos, but because Aaaaaammmmmy has become threatening in her request for videos, I will share a couple from a few weeks ago. Enjoy.



I'm dying.


P.S. My demands for video are not "threatening", thank you very much. Blackmaily? Perhaps. Guilt-laden. Maysorts. Threatening. No.


Molly said...

I can't believe they're one-year-old already. It seems like you were just on bedrest yesterday waiting for them to arrive! Those smash cakes are adorable and so are your babies or should I say toddlers?

Natasha said...

the end of the first video is my new favorite.