Friday, May 22, 2009

What I Wore On My Summer Vacation

by Shannan

So the trip to Laguna is drawing nearer, and I. Am. SO. Excited! As of my Pact the Other Day With Amy To Stop Shopping, I promptly broke it the next day to get this at Target as part of my "plane wear" as well as cazh sweater to wear in the evenings if it gets chilly:

IN MY DEFENSE, howevah, it was marked down to $6, AND the color looks A-MAZ-ING on me, if I say so myself, so I was pretty much FORCED to get it. I got it to wear over this on the plane as well (and which I can wear out to dinner one night, and which I ALSO bought before said Pact):
I am wearing bof of the above with these, my favorite new sandals from Tar-jay:

and am taking these, my SECOND favorite new sandals:


My "plane" outfit was inspired by this from the always excellent, oh so chic, Glamourai. I have seriously gone back to this outfit a bejillion times because I love it so. I love the idea that one can be TRES chic when travelling, and that one does not have to wear a velour Juicy track suit. Not that there is anything wrong with a velour Juicy track suit - it's just not for me. I know mine isn't an exact replica, and will take pics of it once I get my jumpy umpsuit back from the tailor, and HOPEFULLY I'll be just a smidge as glamourous as Glamourai.

Here's another incarnation of her travelling outfit. Sigh. Loves.
For real - homegirl has it GOING ON. Please check the cuffs on that vintage jacket above. Bejeweled. Da Bomb.
Sadly, this is the only ensemble that I know fo shizzle that I am taking. Must consult w/Ames to determine further ensembles, and will share with our NOW SIXTEEN followers once ensembles complete. PUH-LEEZE try to contain your excitement, people. We know you're following us from work, and your employers actually expect you to get something DONE already.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I am dying for that jumpsuit and black heels! Think I can pull that off at the PTA?!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Why not? I say it's all in the attitude, mamacitam - Go on witcho bad self!
- Shan

MerciBlahBlah said...

and of course by mamacitam, I mean MAMACITAAAAAAA.....

Anonymous said...

You also may want to check out the capri leggings as well, my fab German friend (who's a lawyer) even wears them to work on slow days. Also, if that sweter is only $6 you best go back and get me one too. Something neutral please...(I'm serious) I'll be borrowing that pantsuit this summer

MerciBlahBlah said...

I will THINK about lending you my pantsuit. Are you going to wear it as we're lounging around taking care of our six ankle-biters?