Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuff We Would Formerly Punch In the Mouf But Now Would Kiss On the Mouf

I was recently having a conversation with my sister about how old is TOO old to wear leggings, as she lives in Germany now, and apparently anyone who is anyone wears them, whether or not their name is Lindsay Lohan. I told her that I recently came across Gwyneth Paltrow's blog/newsletter Goop (who even knew she had one?) - which had some mighty cute photos of Gwennie's "uniform" which consists of grey tee/tank, and - you guessed it - black leggings. Don't take my word for it though - check out the adorablosity with your own eyeballs...

Here we have the basics - Grey tee/tank/tunic, leggings, black boots:

Or you can throw on a lil trench action over it:

OR you can add a blazer/jacket (a blacket, if you will)...

Super dee duper cute, all three looks. I realize they are not the most summery of looks, but just file this away for future reference. I know I will. Please just don't tell my mom about my change of heart regarding leggings, as I was highly offended when she got them for me for Christmas, and I returned them from whence they came - SEARS - and used my entire $6 refund (mom is a bargain shopper to the Nth degree) to use for something else. Like a couple of lattes from Starbucks.




Let me just clarify something: We still get to punch La Lohan in the face hole, right? That is all. Actually, holding her down and feeding her a sammich would be more satisfying at this point.

- Amy