Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private: IM Chat Style

Amy here. As Shan mentioned, I'm busy right now off doing good in the world so I still don't have anything original here to say for a few more days. Fear ye not though, because now I bring you The Instant Message Chat About Frito Pie that you've all been waiting for so patiently. Straight from the IM archives of Shannan and Amy. Eat up.


me: Word.

Shannan: Up.

me: I cannot stop listening to Jason Mraz. I need an interbention.

Shannan: I like his song so much I'm even starting to think he is cute, and I have NEVER thought that. I would like his hat, please.

me: Which song? Lucky? He so tute. Loves him. I'm hooked on old Mr. A to Z right now.

Shannan: well, that one too, but the other one that he sings by himself. and which I cannot remember the name of right now. OMG. what was I going to say

me: I'm Yours.

Shannan: oh yeah - we watched Slumdog Millionaires last night.

me: Oooooooooooooooooo.

Shannan: have you seen?

me: Likey? Not yet.

Shannan: EXCELLENT. I heart Frida Pinto. Or Frito Pinta. whichever you prefer. I actually prefer the latter.

me: Good. I'm scared it got overhyped but have heard from everyone that it really is that good.

Shannan: it really is.

me: I prefer Frito Pies but that's just me.

Shannan: did you read on Perez about the little girl whose family is trying to sell her to a shiek? holy crap

me: Man, I am white trash right about now b/c I would cut a girl for a Frito Pie right now.
I did.......insane.

Shannan: Frito Pie gooooood
selling your daughter to an oil shiek

me: That is the polar opposite of a Frito Pie.
Which may just now be how I qualify bad things.

Shannan: yes, yes it is. I am in agreement

me: "That is no Frito Pie, my friend."

Shannan: to use the Frito Pie analogy from now on

me: You know it.

Shannan: I believe we just started the next slang trend like STAKE IT on Will & Grace - wasn't that it?

me: Ummmmmmmmmm, what WAS that?

Shannan: it will sweep the nation, and when we go on Ellen to promote the bebes' bideo, we need to be sure and use it several times

me: I'm getting confused with the Mraz in my ears.

Shannan: and you know I'm copying and pasting from Frito Pinta down for our next blog entry, right?

me: You're taking ME to Ellen, right?

Shannan: well, the next one when we need to steal our own chat
what kind of a question is that?

me: I know you are.
Seriously. Me going with.

Shannan: kind of like me asking "you're going to set me up with George Clooney and not tell my husband, right?"

me: I'm going to put my kaftan dress on a stick and dangle it like a tasty carrot.
You liiiiiiiiiiiike?

Shannan: debbil woman
maybe you could put a fake wig on the end of the stick too, and make it so it looks like a giant Shannan VooDoo doll
that makes me giggle

me: Other than my kaftan dress, what do you want for your birthday?
You really must come here with Natty so we can celebrate posthumously. Wait. Don't die. Live, Shannan. LIVE.

Shannan: uhhh, world peace?

me: Save it. It's just me here.

Shannan: ah, screw that. I want a right hand diamond ring from Tiffany's
not much...

me: I meant, from ME.

Shannan: oh - I'll have the matching earrings from you then. or a giant cupcake.

me: That's more like it. That first thing was just ridiculous.

Shannan: with a cute new kaftan kimono dress on top
orrrrr a nose job?
tummy tuck?

me: I was going to surprise you with that Foley and Corinna in the draft blog but then realized it was 600 bones. I was so hoping it was not that much.

Shannan: I don't know who they think they are with their $600 dresses, the jackarses

me: Me go now. I'll try and do some blogging now.

Shannan: aaiiiight. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mmmwwwaaah.

AND, for the record, I miiiiiight have had a frito pie for dinner immediately after this. Granted it was low fat chili and Riceworks Sea Salt chips instead of Fritos, but it was still delish. I'm pretty sure I am going to be on Top Chef next season. They do have a "RiceWorks Chip Challenge" don't they? They should.