Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Up!

I am a beauty product ho, and saw this lil number in a mag recently and have been dying to try it:

I mean, what could be better? A foundation that doesn't look and feel like a masky foundation? Perhaps rubbing one's body all over with melted chocolate - that might be WOULD be better - DURRRRRRRR!!!! Anyhoozle - it's not el cheapo, the No Foundation Foundation, but the reviews are good - and our 16 followers KNOW what a sucker I am for product reviews. I have never used Perricone products before though, so I have no basis for comparison. Has anyone else? Let's hear it if you have. That is all. Thank ye kindly! Or as we say around here frequently...



Listen to me now and hear me later, try the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals. It's light as a featha.
No disrespect Dr. Perricone. I'm sure yours is lovely, too.

You're welcome,