Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm On A Mission

to send all of the opposition, MCs it's my butt you're kissin'

because I desiiiiiire.....

oh sorry - I slid into a lil Salt 'n Pepa reverie there, din't I? Aaahhhh, the good old days...

What I am ACTUALLY on a mission to do lately, is apparently find a perfume that makes me smell like either a) Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, or b) a Pina Colada.

If you like Pina Coladaaaaahhhh....and gettin caught in the rain...

Oops! I did it again!!!

No seriously - I really DO want a good summery perfume - and have narrowed it down to these three culprits, all by Comptoir Sud Pacifique:

Caramel Sunset = YUM on Shan:

Check it: Caramel, Island Flowers, Coconut, Almond Cream, Milk, Sugar, Black Vanilla Pod

After it dried down a bit, it just smelled buttery, creamy, sweet - but not toooo sweet, because plain ole vanilla makes me gag after a bit. This was delishy.

Vanilla Banana: I know, I know - it sounds weird, but it really did smell gooood on zee skin. Had notes of orange, banana cream, banana leaf, clove, vanilla pod, white rum. Mmmm-mmmm GOOD.

Vanilla Coco: Notes of Tahitian vanilla, coconut milk, heliotrope. I don't even know what heliotrope is, but it sure smells good.

What I'd like to do is get all three and layer them. I've tried the Caramel Sunset and Vanilla Banana together, and the Banana Coco combo, and both were hebbenly. I just wish the bottles were prettier. I know - silly, isn't it, but I want what I want, and I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!

Shwew! I think my tantrum is over. For now. If you need me, I'll be the one the one wearing a drink umbrella on my head.



EDIT: This morning I am wearing Caramel Sunset and Vanilla Banana, and I CANNOT STOP SMELLING MYSELF. For real - I want to eat my arm. Maybe it's because I smell like Banoffee Pie - my favorite pie. Mmmmm...whatever it is - I smell goooooooooooood.


Click the link above to see HAWT Australian chef Curtis Stone make zee pie. You are welcome.


Don't hate me because you also have to watch Kathy Lee Gifford in the same video.