Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf

So I was perusing the interwebs the other day, and came across the KEWLEST clothing. The first is from a design team called Mona & Holly who uses as their inspiration service uniforms from days of yore (my term, not their own). So smart, so chic, TOTALLY reminded me of Miz Amy with their uber vintagey goodness. Check them out with your own peepers:

Well hello there, super duper cute little belted blouse. You are adorable. I am even digging the shorts with the button-gathered legs. So. Tute.

Amy: Shan, if I had your legs I would rock this. I do not. Ergo, you must rock this for me. "Ergo"...I have no idea. You know we like to throw around the E Plurbus Unumisms.

Look at you, you little white cocktail dress that Mrs. Howell might have work to a soiree before she became old and pant-suited. I love you. Yes I do.

Amy: Why don't we have this?

Oh Yellow Sunshiney Sexy Dress - I love you most of all. So chic. So Jackie Kennedy/Michelle Obama. Soooooo right.

Amy: I have one word for you. "Gimme."

But wait - there's more. I hear you asking - Shan - how can that be? How can there possibly be MORE cute clothes left in the world? Oh, there are. They are from a seller I came across on eBay who makes clothes inspired by (read: knock offs) of some oh so excellent little numbers. The prices? Pretty reasonable, for custom-made clothing. The seller? Top Runway. The clothes? Take a look-see...

Amy: Oh no. Here come all the comments about supporting "knock-off" designers. This will be our most commented post ever. And by "most" I mean "two comments." You're so controversial, Shannan. Step aside, Sarah Silverman.

What is it with me and the ivory dresses? I don't know, but I lurve them.

Oh my hell...I could be SUCH a great sexy secretary in this dress. For realsies.

The wearer of this dress needs to be ready to kick ass and take names, because it ROCKS.

Amy: This one please.Amy: Or this one. Let's be real here. If it's good enough for Dita, it's good enough for me. I'm actually not sure if we've ever discussed this, Shan, but she drives me to the brink of insanity. She is divine.
Shan: We have not discussed Miz Dita, but I concur. You are correct.