Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On The Mouf: Riceworks Chips

Yes, this is a post about chips. And by “chips,” I mean “snack straight from heaven.” Seriously. Who needs Keebler elves when you have angels making snackity acks.

Shan: Let me get this straight Amy..."chips" = food of the gods, and NOT Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox? Huh. I guess I've had it wrong all these years.

So maybe I bought these because they are made with brown rice. Maaaaaaaybe I like to fool myself into thinking they are as healthy as raw vegetables. I mean, you get them in the Organic section at my local market so they HAVE to be health food, right? Just nod your head and keep reading.

In my defense, it wasn’t just the brown rice that got me. It was also the packaging. My husband likes to point out two things about me: I am a sucker for any show with a “reveal” or “elimination” at the end AND I am a sucker for product packaging. You probably COULD put lipstick on a pig* and I would fall for it. Only if the shade of lipstick was right, natch. * Sarah Palin excluded.

*Shan: SHWEW! You had me worried there a minute!!!

Just a few things you should know about Riceworks Chips:

1. They are delish.

1a) True dat. Ames introduced me to Riceworks last weekend and I almost ate the entire bag on my way home from Costco this weekend. Oopsie!!! - Shan

2. Sea Salt is my favorite for those that want to send me a case. (I’m looking at youuuu, Riceworks.)

2a) Hey Riceworks - there are TWO of us on this blog - so we will thank you kindly to ship out TWO cases. - Shan

3. I have not tried the Cinnamon though and would be willing to sign the UPS slip for a free case of those, too.

3a) Yoooo-hooooo - please see item 2a.....

4. I have no evidence, but suspect they miiiight be made with heroin. Why else can’t I stop eating them?

4a) It's true. We have bof been hopped up on the Riceworks goofball.

5. If #2 is true, do NOT set up an intervention for me. I will cut you.

5) While I do not condone violence, and probably would not CUT you, I WOULD throw a shoe at you, and they have very high, pointy heels. Could give someone a nasty bruise. Believe Amy though. Girlfriend will cut one. I mean cut YOU. - Shaaaaaaannnnnn

6. While I enjoy the helpful suggestion that the Sea Salt goes great with hummus or other dips, I suspect they would also be delightful with oxygen. I would not know as I don’t come up for air until the entire bag is gone.

6a) Teee heeeee. That Amy is funny.

Don’t cheat yourself. Get. These. Chips. Stat. You do want to live longer, don’t you???

You're welcome,


And now, because we are talking about organic and being healthy and what is good for the planet, I wanted to share this bideo wif everyone. Came across it yesterday and it made me giggle.

Oh, who am I kidding. I am including it here because otherwise I'd have to start a new post, and let's face it, Paul Rudd is on my Top Five list. Enjoy.

(video to be embedded like a blog from 2009 at some point soon)