Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On The Mouf: Eye Candy

Real Housewives, you may have a little competition. Yep, my latest obsession is Bravo TV's Make Me A Supermodel. What could be better than America's Next Top Model? ANTM with men, of course. Wellllll, I don't know - I do luuuurve ANTM, but after I caught a few episodes of MMAS with the stu-huh-HUNNING Jonathan from England, I may be swayed. Holy. Cow. Forget about 6-pack abs - the man has a 12 pack at least. AND he's married and totally devoted to his wife and baby? I love him even more.

I mean, sign me up for any show that is superficial, but throw in fashion, makeup, hair and photography and I'm all yours. You had me at superficial. Here are a few pics from one of my favorite photo shoots - the model as candy.

Sandhurst as Gumball

Mountaha, Pixie Stick

Amanda, Lollipop

Jonathan, Lollipop

Amy: It's all about you and boys with accents, isn't Shan? There, I tried to clean this post up a little. Back to the abs.

True story: I was JUST taking a break and watching this past week's episode where the judges were telling Sandhurst he did a good job on the catwalk. Paul happened to walk in the room at the point where they told him that he effortlessly pulled off unbuttoning his jacket without looking. Now, being a seasoned reality/escapism TV watcher, I thought nothing of this. In fact, when the actual catwalk happened, I thought to myself "That was really smooth." Am I proud of that? Not really. Do I care if you judge me for it though? Nope.

Anyhoooo, Paul had a completely different reaction to the mindless entertainment. It went something like this: Husband retreats back down hallway shaking head and snorting all while doing a move that resembled him trying to beat that entire portion of his life out of his own head. I think he was judging me. Still don't care though.

So, yeah, about Real Housewives of New Jersey in the DVR queue.That's going to go over realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly well.

Now, back to a few of the pretty people. Or just one for now.

Sandhurst: Sand HURTS to look at him he so pretty, is more like it.

Okay, two. Jonathan: Care for a spot of tea?

More MMAS posts to come. This one was far too positive. I'm sure we'll eventually start playing armchair Supermodel here soon and rip them apart like we know what we are doing.