Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf, by Shaaaannnnn

Comfy, thy name is Slub.

I don't know why slub tees are my new favorite thing, or maybe I do. Maybe it's because I'm working from home part time with the bebes, and I'm slowly becoming one of those moms who sits around in sweats, hair pulled back into the perinnial ponytail, who eventually runs to the store in flannel pajama pants and flip flops "because I'm just running in for milk and a 40-oz of Milwaukee's Best," and who subsists on Gerber Graduates and Cheerios. OR NOT.

Not only no, but HAIL TO THE NAH will I do it. Amy - if you ever suspect that I am - please get on a plane and fly out and slap some sense into me. I mean it.

I DID, however, come across the following items recently at two of my favorite places: Target and Forever 21. Let me preface this by saying I REALIZE I am not for-evah 21, and in fact am closing in on 40 in less than 2 months. But for tee shirts, jewelry, and cute trendy stuff that will be out of fashion in a year, they are CHEAP.

So on to the slub. Last weekend I was at Tar-jay and picked up the following little white tee:

Cute, comfy, el cheapo at $10.99, soft, not too tight, not too big, it is the three bears of tees - juuuuust right. I'm going back to get one in black.
Thennnn I went to Forever 21 on my "Escape To the Mall" last Sunday and picked up THIS little number - the oversized slub pocket tee:

Dude - it wasn't even $10. Cute over jeans with a low slung belt, as a dress w/opaque tights, and did I mention comfy? It is the three bears' phenomenon again - juuuust right.


Beth & Brian said...

Uh-oh Shannan, I just saw the white tee at Target for something like $4.88 today! I skipped it and got Bennett a little plaid button-up with rolled sleeves instead.