Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private

As we are known to do from time to time, we publish past e-mails or chats between ourselves that we deem HILARIOUS. The following fits the bill, in my humble opinion. It actually happened EONS ago, but I came across it recently, had a fit of the giggles at work, and actually had to go into the bathroom to compose myself, which is hard to do in a small bathroom that is stacked to the rafters with giant cans of Sauerkraut, but that is another story altogether. In any case, I present to you The Injured Sternum. Enjoy.


Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007
From: Amy
To: Shannan
I am considering staying home but need to go in. I have a hilarious but not so hilarious "injury" right now that I don't think I revealed today. It is probably from Pilates warming up or stretching last night but could also be burp related. I had some major tightness in my chest last night and was quite gassy...Methamy as Paul likes to chugged some diet soda to make myself burp. I proceeded to burp like it was my job for awhile. For one reason or another - although it was probably working out - I think I strained my sternum. I have had awful, heart attack fake out chest pain now for 25 hours. I also have had the burps all day long so it's way funnier to say it's due to strenuous burping so I'm going with that instead of saying it's due to working out.

From: Shannan
To: Amy
Oh Lord, I am trying so hard not to lose it here at my desk. Shaking with the silent laugh all over again.............

It's me again, Shan. I fancy myself quite the experienced belcher (and my sister would back me up on that), but I can honestly say I have never had a burp-related injury from "strenuous burping." Now that I think about it, maybe a more EXPERIENCED burper WOULDN'T end up with a burp-related injury. Hmmmmm, perhaps SOMEONE needs to practice their burping a little, huh Aaaaaammmmy?

My mom would be so proud of me for this post.


Niiiiiiiice. Your mother? Think about my poor mom realizing her delicate little flower not only did this but shared it with someone. P to the S: I never plan on my mom knowing about this blog, so shut it. Yes, I'm 37. Don't judge me.

And, for the record, I never burped before I met Paul. I never really could for some reason. Not like you fo sho. He's really elevated me to new levels. Wings meet wind.

I can't believe we are talking about this. Good thing we are the only ones reading this bloggity blog blog blog.

Amy Out


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

This post made me CRY with laughter.