Friday, May 1, 2009

MORE Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Haute Hippie

Amy and I bof loooove fashion and clothes and shoes, oh my, and could go to the mall armed with $50 or $5,000 and pick out outfits that the other would love. And despite the fact that we are pretty sure we share the same brain, our styles are somewhat different when it comes to dressing day to day. Ames, correct me if I'm wrong, but here's my take. P to the S - Ames is doing MAJAH good in the world this weekend with Operation Shower - so she will return to us next week after she has caught up on approximately 2 months of sleep.

Amy is Vintage Accessories Fabulous. Even if it's not vintage per se, the clothing she loves is vintage inspired. Lots of adorable tailored jackets, nipped in waists, full circle skirts, pointy toed shoes, and ohhhhh the accessories. Seriously? She has a closet just devoted to accessories. Vintage clutches, scarves of every color of the rainbow, fab-you-lous costume jewelry...sigh......She DID, howevah, recently come across an oh-so-badass white tuxedo jacket on clearance, and I have decided I need one of those in my life, so I will either have to stalk the next local redneck wedding and steal it off of one of the groomsmen, or hit up the neighborhood Salvation Army, as I am SURE there were a run on those when Dillards marked them down. But for reals? How cute would it look with a rocker tee, lots of gold chains (a la Mr. T - not to be confused with rocker tee), jeans and funky chunky stilettos?

Shan: Thank ye for the props.

And, the jacket looks very cute with said combination. Know this. I'm sure it's a lost cause but I can swing back by the shopping place and see if I can find you one. Try online, too. Okay, I'll do it for you. It's the least I could do since if I went shopping with $5,000 it would be for me not you. I love you, but seriously.

And what does Shannan love, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I loves myself good vintage too, but whereas Ames is more 1950s vintage, I have become enamored with 1970s vintage as of late. I'm not talking double-knit polyester pantsuits, shiny shirts and gold chains (well, maybe I DO love gold chains, but NOT with chest hair), but something more bohemian, flowy, loose California beachy tunicy goodness, with a smidge of Joan Jett, if you must know. Maybe this has changed since the babies came along, but I am more comfortable in a slub-knit white tee, jeans, Frye boots, my olive military jacket and some great chunky necklaces, or my ehhh-xxxx-cellent Laundry knit kimono dress. I know you've heard me say it before, but I think this is why I love Planet Blue so much. I just wish I loved their prices as well. Double sigh......

Recently I came across a label at Nordie's that I hadn't heard of before - Haute Hippie - and fell in love, hard. Seriously beautiful boho-chic (which I know in some circles has become synonymous with "out of style," but I don't care, I still love it). Haute Hippie's pieces are gorgeous beaded, embroidered, bedazzled numbers (and I think we've already discussed my love for all things bedazzled) that look vintage, some almost flapper-inspired, but have that cool rocker/Cali chic that I love. Check them...

Silk Dress
The dress that is PERFECT for frolicking on the beach. Or just standing with one's hand on one's hip on the beach (aka The Beach Pose).

This dress says "I like to break into old farm houses and take pictures in front of their nasty cabinets."

Silk Charm
Have you seen my puppy?

Who knew there were TWO dresses perfect for The Beach Pose??????

I can't even make a smart ass comment about this dress, it's SO gorgeous.

Okay, I swear this one looks like something I've seen at the thrift store before, some 1980s beaded tunic that I would've completely ignored. But wear it sans pants, charge $800 for it, and I'm suddenly interested.

Amy here: Shan, haven't you picked up things like this many times at vintage places and considered it? I know I have. And now I am considering it again. Thank ye. I'll be on the lookout for the both of us. Yours in a size "I hate you for having triplets and looking better than me."

Of course, none of the above dresses would be appropriate for running around the house with one year old triplets, but The Hubs and I DO get out at least once or twice a year, so suck on THAT, club kids! Don't hate because I have such a glam life.

As we like to say here at MBB, Haute Hippie, if you're ever googling yourself and come across our humble site and want to give any clothes away, LOOK ME UP. I will be happy to pimp you out at every opportunity.