Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Luck Girlzzzz

Tomorrow morning, Amy and our dear friend Natty Lite are going to get up and run a half marathon. That's 13 miles, folks. I am so proud of both of them - Amy for deciding to run the marathon in support of her friend Marie who has been battling leukemia (you can read more about it on Amy's OTHER blog stem here), and Natty for having lost 100 pounds in the last year after deciding to take back her life and get healthy.

They are both such amazing women and incredible friends. I don't think I have had friends like this since grade school, and they are the best (and by "friends like these since grade school," I do not mean the friends who would freeze your bra or dip your hand in a bowl of warm water when you fell asleep first at the slumber party). Actually, they would do JUST that, but they would also be the first ones to be completely, sincerely happy for a girl when she got a few pounds closer to her pre-pregnancy weight goal, or scored the deal of DEALIOS on a new pair of shoes (and they understand the importance of NEVER having enough shoes).

They are the kinds of friends who would throw such a kick-ass baby shower that it is being emulated on party planning blogs now, or spend their Saturdays coming over to hang out with three little ankle biters, just because. They are the kinds of friends who love me for me, faults, farts and all, and do ANYTHING to give back to their friends, even at the expense of their own personal lives, and sometimes maybe even their health.

They are gorgeous, intelligent, hilarious, fabulous, fierce, incredible women, and I am blessed to have them in my life, and honored to call them friends and sisters. Good luck, Amy and Natasha. I wish I could be there to root you on tomorrow, but you're in my heart always, and I love you!


Dearest Shannan,
A) Thank you. We read this on my phone before the race. Mwaaaaaaaah.
B) Can you finish typing this for me? I am a little sore. Okay, okay, it's not really that ba....


Natasha said...

Thanks for leaving me in the picture this time! MMMWWAAAHHH!