Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Icon Friday: Patricia Fields

Shan and I just so happened to (finally) both watch the SATC movie this past weekend. Coincidence? I think not. Well, actually it was. But in the grander scheme...maybe not. Maybe we were both meant to watch it finally so we had something to blog about on here. Am I blowing your mind? Well I'm about to with year-old movie costuming commentary. Stick around and we just might review the 1997 People's Choice Award outfits next. That's how we roll.

What do you think of when I say Patricia Fields? Carrie Bradshaw? Shoes? Huge flowers? Wild accessories? Fiery red hair? Mad Style? Well, Patricia Fields is that and so much more.

While widely known for her amazing work on Sex and Th
e City, any girl that love garments knows that Patricia Fields has styled such fashion-focused flicks (ooooo, alliteration) as The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic among other things. With an Emmy and several Costume Design Guild Awards, as well as spawning too many trends to mention, it's easy to say that love the looks or not, Patricia Fields has certainly made her mark in the fashion world. And, while I certainly wouldn't even try to pull off all the looks she's created, I'd love to try my hand at more than a few. Right after I get Carrie's closet in SATC Movie (did you die a little too?). Here are just a few of my favorites from the movie:

Hat and Coat: WORK IT. That outfit says, "Don't mess with me" in all the right ways.
Shan: Black coat and hat was one of my FAVES in the movie. I could kick ASS and take names in that black coat and hat.

Black Dress: She couldn't walk in it but who cares? It is killing me softly with ruffley goodness. Killing me softly.
Shan: Okay - I HATED watching her perky little bouncy walk, even in the scene when Big leaves Carrie at the church and then changes his mind and comes back and she pummels him with her roses, and then throws herself in Charlotte's arms, and Charlotte looks at Big with a look of DEATH in her eyes and tells him to GET AWAY, and I almost burst into tears at that moment because she was so protective of Carrie, and then she did her stupid perky bouncy run-walk back to the other side of the car, and it ALMOST ruined the scene for me, but not quite, because she was so uncharacteristcally FIERCE in that moment? I have to say, I STILL loved that dress.

Amy: Shaaaaannnnnnnnan. I was trying not to bring up the part where she was protective of her and yelled at Big because I DID cry at that part. I sort of bawled a little, in fact. In my defense, I cry at everything anyway AND I just got the menses earlier tonight thereby explaining why I cried through most of this movie for no good reason. It also explains why I was uber cranky today and wanted to punch a co-worker in the lungs at one point. I conclude my case, Your Honor.
Pink Dress: It's all about mixing with the belt and the shooties. Love.

Black and White Dress: Quite possibly my fave thing in the movie. That print made me angry at how much I loved it. The fact that her earrings were the same shape? Shut up.
Shan: I am surprised, and yet not surprised that this is our collective favorite in the movie. I was pleased to see that they FINALLY gave Miranda a wardrobe to rival everyone else's. I think she wins the prize for Most Improved. And the fact that her earrings were ALL killer KILLED me. Here is another pic for your eyeball region.

Vesty Goodness: Who's the cutest little outfit? Who is it? Who's a cutie? You are.
Shan: I have to say this is one of my least favorite outfits in the movie. I love a good menswear inspired look, but not this one. Don't hate me because I'm disagreeable.
Amy: Oh, Shan, don't be silly - that's not why I hate you.

Shan: Amy - I am shocked - SHOCKED - that you din't review this outfit. It is so vintagey Amy fabulous. The little green dress, the fab-you-lous little jacket...those shoes that I will just DIE if I don't get, and THE EIFFEL TOWER PURSE???? For reals?! Did I spell Eiffel correctly? Thank you interwebs - I did.
Amy: Shan, I really did love this and it was one of my faves. To be honest, I just stopped Googling for pictures so I could get some other things done. Thank you!

Shan: Giant flower on chestical region dress? Yes, please.
Shan: Patricia Fields on HSN knock-off for $55.90? HELLS yes. I swear I would wear that bad-boy just lounging around the house with The Trips for $55.90.

Ames: And, how did I not know she had a line on Home Shopping Network? Oh yeah, because I don't watch HSN. Okay, so maybe some of us have been guilty of getting sucked into something they're selling for a few minutes before we realize "Dude, I am watching HSN. Is anyone looking?" I also know you can find surprising interesting things on there but, I'm sorry, calling yourself "HSN" doesn't fool us. We still think of you as the channel that Lois from Little Rock calls into at 1am to chat with her "friend" the host. That part makes me sad.

Where was I? Patricia Fields + HSN = what? PatriciaFieldsHSN, if you want to get technical and all "mathy" on me. But really, let's just stick with these two for starters:

Admittedly, a lot of the collection is skeery, but I'm thinking this little faux fur number is just crazy enough to be the hit of the party and the sequin jacket (comes in black) is too kool for skool. Sequin jacket. White slouchy tank top. Jeans. Layered necklaces. Yum.

Shan: Okay, I had. No. Idea Miz. Fields (not to be corn-fused with Mrs. Fields, or Mrs. Paul's for that matter...) had a line on HSN. Posted one of my faves above, and in light of my love of sequins, I cannot help but post this bad boy:

Hello, three-quarter length sleeves that are my favorite part of zee dress. This whole thing is so "Anything Goes" in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that I can't help but love it.

Shan: Can we just observe a moment of silence for this dress? Vivienne Westwood? Check. Oh so softly mocha-ish tint to the fabric? Check. Vintage feather pin on the bust? Check. Amy knows that I have The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name for feathers - even more so than seqins (I SWEAR I was not a Vegas showgirl in a former life...) She knows that I was obsessed with having feathers in my wedding bouquets, and feathers on my wedding shoes, so the fact that SJP wore a FRIGGIN BIRD IN HER HAIR with that dress????? Well, I about passed out from the fabulousity. The only thing I didn't love in the wedding dress scenes was her dark red lipstick. I know they were going for a classic beauty makeup look there, but SJP is just not a classic beauty, and my personal, humble opinion is that a soft shimmery lipstick would have looked better on her (but then probably not right with the dress, huh?).

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of Fashion Icon Friday, and Miz. Fields, if you are ever googling yourself and come across this post, and have any old garments lying about that you wish to get rid of, just drop us a line here at Merci Blah Blah. We'd be HAPPY to take them off your hands. MAD love, Patty!!


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