Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Stuff We Would Kiss on the Mouf

We have a few soon-to-be recurring features here on Merci Blah Blah for all you cats and kittens and thought we'd start it off with things we really love, heretofore known as "Stuff We Would Kiss on the Mouf" or as soon as we get lazy (tomorrow probably) SWWKOTM.

Without further adieu I first bring you Shannan's Mad Fashiony Blog Love

For Slammin Fashion: The Glamourai

I came acoss this site from Sea of Shoes (which also rocks), and check it faithfully everyday. Seriously. The day I found it, I spent Gawd knows how long just perusing back as far as I could. Glamourai ROCKS. DA. HOUSE. Love love loooooove her mixture of vintage, thrifted, high end and good ole Target to come up with some of the most fab, chic, kick ass costumes on the planet. I have to share some of my Favey Crocketts from her site, because she is soooo fab.

Are you serious? Love love LOVE the little plaid trench (that she had her tailor shorten), the boy's jacket underneath. One of the things I love most is her ablity to mix crazy texture and mad pattern in a way that works. Of course, it helps to have the confidence to wear whatever you want and rock it.

What I love most about this is the fact that she is wearing a plain white tee, chic-ly shredded, with That Necklace. For reals? The necklace is two vintage pieces that look like they were MADE together, and Glamourai put them together to create one completely unique, dope piece.

Another view of The Necklace. Love that she is influenced from everyone from Andy Warhol to Bette Davis to Louise Brooks.

Oh my hell. A blue velvet vintage jacket that she added a separate vintage fox fur collar to? But wait....

Check out the cuffs, which originally were plain cuffs, and what does Glamourai do? Finds The Perfect piece of tapestry trim and adds it to the cuffs.....oh sorry, I think I swooned there for a minute.

The Sartorialist: Simply street fashion at its finest.

Now a couple that I (Amy) want to kiss in addition to the AMAZING ones Shannan mentioned. (Go look at Sea of Shoes and poke around and you'll see how fabulous her mother is, too. You can find her at Atlantis Home. Insane.)

Fashion site that makes me drool: What I Wore.

Are you kidding me? How can you not love her style sense. She mixes and remixes items from anywhere and everywhere and looks fab in the process. Love.

Painfully Hip is such good eye candy. Do you see a trend here? We both love people that can mix in vintage and thrift and make it their own. How Eco Chic to reuse and rework! Even if you don't care about fashion, you need to check out this post on America's Most Stylish 8 Year Old. You will want to put him in your pocket so you can take him out and look at him all day long.