Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouth: Meat

What????? That is DISGUSTING! No, seriously. I FINALLY got a chance to go to a newish restaurant yesterday with the Hubs and my fabooo friend Natasha (who is co-writing this very piece with me) - Blanc Burger + Bottles, in Westport. Let me start by saying I am NOT a red meat eater. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I eat red meat in a year. It's just not my fave. However - I have been reading rave reviews of Blanc Burger now for a while, so we bribed the parents into watching The Trips and headed to Blanc.

Oh Heavenly Day, was it ever worth it. I am still stuffed this morning. First of all, the decor was funky mod Jetson's cool. Tres chic paper lamps hanging above every table, excellent chairs somewhat similar to these:

which I would love to get for our kitchen, along with a dark wood round table, but the Hubs is all "but they're like SCHOOOOOL chairs...", not to mention that we would NEVER be able to attach our "space saver high chairs" to them - but I digress.... I had already perused the menu online before we arrived, and knew that I was going to order the American Kobe burger with truffle fries on the side, and a chocolate framboise milkshake to go wif. DANG! Now, for those of you who DO eat red meat on a regular basis, all of Blanc's burgers are made w/a blend of New York strip, KC strip, tenderloin and ribeye. Makes for a tasty burger. My American Kobe had port wine onions, mustard aioli, truffle butter, watercress, salt + pepper brioche bun. Is your mouf watering yet? Let me continue...The truffle fries are served in a teeny tiny shopping cart, and are also covered in truffle butter. Holy. Cow.

And to drink wif this meal? A chocolate custard framboise (raspberry liqueur) "adult" milkshake. I shudder to think about how many calories I ingested, but Sweet Wind Cries Mary, it was worth every one. The Hubs had the classic burger with aged NY white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, red onion, made-from-scratch ketchup + mustard, sesame brioche bun; and Natty Lite had the portabella burger on couscous (which is just fun to say). I will let Natty extole the virtues of her booger here....

Pop Quiz hot shot. Your super fabulous friend calls you up on Sunday afternoon and asks you to meet her and her adorable Irish husband at a new fancy pants burger joint that they want to check out. What do you do? You do what I did; you put on some pants* and meet them at Blanc Burger. Since I, like Shan,
am not a huge meat-eater, I opted for one of the vegetarian burgers without feeling ANY sense of sacrifice. Holy Magical Mushroom on a bun! This booger was DE-LISH. The bread, the cous-cous, the fries! All of it was excellent and obviously fresh. Oh, and don’t let me forget the pickle! The home-pickled pickles are of the sweet variety and are a welcome change to the regular dill pickle fare most sandwiches and burger places garnish their sammies with. Yum. I gots 2 cuz Shan didn’t want hers (I am not a sweet pickle fan, says Shan...). In addition to loving the d├ęcor, I loved the crowd. Located in Westport, this restaurant services a variety of patrons. In addition to being a feast for the
mouf, your people watching appetite will be more than sated. And last but not least, the wait staff was most pleasant and personable (I personally think the waiter had a lil thang for Miz. Natty Lite, says Shaaaaannnn). Jolly Good show, mate, I shall

All in all, I would DEFINITELY recommend those readers in Kansas City check out Blanc Burger. The next time the Hubs and I get a day out (which could be in 2 years or so) I would love to go back. Blanc - I Love Ya Like Tuna Noodle Casserole!!!!

*Pants NOT optional