Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Two Girls Blogging

...and by "blogging" I mean....

Cheese and rice - get your minds out of the gutter!!! I mean blogging, for the love of Sherman Hensley!! I just felt the need to express my only slightly inappropriate love for the following blogs. Amy - feel free to add your comments.


- Shaaaaannnnnn

Amy: I will add my comments, Shaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn. First one: "you ain't right."

Shan: DOH! I shake my fist at you, Aaaaaammmmmmmmyyy!!!!

Scented Glossy Magazines: Could this blog BE anymore deliciously wicked, bitchy, and enabling of all of my Real Housewives addictions? For reals. SGM's Real Housewives recaps are my new favorite thing, especially since we are smack in the middle of the RHONYC season (though my heart belongs to RHOTOC)...I heart SGM like a fat kid loves cake.

Amy: SGM is hilarious but....True Confessions is not just a really bad magazine from the 80's. I don't really watch the Housewives. I KNOW. Oh, I'm not above watching craptastic television, I just can't get into these for some reason. I have watched an episode here or there and do know enough to say that the RHONYC "Countess" lady needs to stop and the wannabe couple needs to admit he gay and she a beard.

Shan: I am going to pretend that you did not say that you cannot get into Real Housewives. I don't even KNOW you anymore!!!!

Decorno: Yet another slightly bitchy blog (do we see a theme here with my faves???), Decorno focuses on home design. Her "Things That Are Wrong" series of posts are priceless. I don't allllways agree with her view on what's wrong, but did George and Weezie always agree? And what is with my running theme of Sherman Hensley in this post? Well, as my grandma always says, "There's ALWAYS room for Sherman Hensley."

Amy: Sherman Hensley called and wants his royalty checks, Shan. Oh wait, is he the dead? If so, my bad. His estate called.... I don't know if he is still with us and frankly am too lazy to even Google it right now. But anyyyyyhoooo. Decorno rocks and I concur that the "Things That Are Wrong" series is some of the finest work to ever reach the blog landscape.

Vodka Has No Carbs: Okay, could this woman get out of my brain? There are only two people allowed in it at any given time, and right now, we're full up. Vodka is Decorno's OTHER blog (sheesh woman - are you trying to make the rest of us look like slackers, or what?). It is exzacary what Amy and I were trying to accomplish with this one - a running series of e-mails and conversations to each other that we find hilarious and felt compelled to share with the world via the interwebs. Vodka is so. friggin. HI-larious. Do yourself a favor and check it out, and JJ - drop us a line sometime. We loves ya!

Amy: I can only add to that by saying that these girls need to get out of our dreams and into our car. When Shan showed me this I think I peed a little. Other than me calling something "cute", peeing is one of my highest compliments. Irreverant? Check. Funny though. Check check.

Perez Hilton: When it comes to skewering celebs like yesterday's barbeque, the Queen of all Media is the Queen B (and by "B" I mean beyotch), and it's why I have to hit girlfriend's blog everyday for my fix. Despite Perez's hatred of Jennifer Aniston (whom I am SURE I would be BFF with if we were ever to meet - call me, Jen) and his Queen of Team Angelina's Fan Club status (home-wrecking bizz-nitch), I still can't go a day without checking up on what P has to say about anyone who is anyone, A-lister or D-lister.

Amy: Saying you check Perez several times is day is like admitting that it's still funny to see people get hit in the groin. You want to be above it, but you just can't be. Unless you are my husband. In which case you'd rather eat glass covered in rusty nails than sink to that level. Lucky for him I can overlook his "intelligent conversation" and "celebrity loathing." P.S. Perez has lost a ton of weight. Go on girl. Just stop hating on Jen and, okay, we get it, you love Lady Gaga.

Pink Is the New Blog: I have to make sure I represent all my Gays. I loves my PITNB and need it everyday as my "nice" celeb blog update. Let's be honest here though - can you really ever have too many celeb updates? No, no you cannot.

Amy: PITNB. I'm ashamed to say that I don't frequent this as much anymore. SOME BLOG had to go and I get my trashy gossip from Perez and Dlisted. Which, as you know all have the same pics and stories anyway. Trent from PITNB is a doll though and is from Oklahoma, like yours truly, so I do have mad love. So, when you read this, Trent, know that you're in here (pointing to general heart region).

But DLISTED? Mmmmmm, that is some FUNNY stuff. Oh, it's downright mean, but so is thinking people falling is funny. Which, for those keeping score at home, is like groin injuries. Apparently one man's Sherman Hensley references are another's People That Could Be on American's Funniest Home Videos.

Shan: I am not a D Listed reader, but if it's that bitchy, I will certainly add it to my regular reads.

Sherman Hensley is NOT dead. I repeat, NOT dead.

I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.