Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Etsy Edition

Shan: I have known about etsy for a while now, but for some reason lately, I feel as if I have "the love that dare not speak its name" for the little four-letter temptress. Amy is always sending me linkys to gear she knows I will like, the Debbil Woman, but for reals? I cannot stay off etsy these days. Below are some of our collective Favey Crocketts.

Amy: Guilty. I do send her links. Oooopsy.

elizandaxel was introduced to me by a new friend. How fitting, as anyone who knows me knows how I feel about flowers on my person. Let's just say I was wearing them before Carrie Bradshaw was. Suck on that, SATC. can imagine my delight when a friend introduced me to this. Audible gasp.

As I lurked around her Etsy store I spied this gorgeous little creature and now it is being made just for me. It is going to love living at my house. Tuxedo Ruffle T of Love, I can't wait to meet you.

Amy: Armour Sans Anguish is full of so many layered and lovely repurposed things that it makes me want to cry a little. Anthropologie meet Etsy. Etsy meet Anthropologie. World meet the genius of Armour Sans Anguish.

Amy: AlexandraAnderson doctored up this little number here and filled it with so much ruffled and ruched goodness that it is hard to decide if the neckline or the bonus of the fantastic back is more exciting. C) All of the above.

Shan: trystbykerry Oh my hell - if she makes anymore adorable jewelry, I will be forced to go bankrupt. I just ordered meself one of these little numbers (the second one from left, if you MUST know)...

and I maaaay have to order this one too....

crystalindumentaria: Could your easy breezy "I should be from California wearing this simple, chic number, walking around sipping a latte with some phunked out jewelry" BE any cuter? I suppose it could, once I have it on. BWAH! Seriously - the scoop neck, the low back - sublime.

Shan: econica IF I took yoga on a regular basis, I would be ordering this up toot sweet. Hell, even though I don't, I may have to.

Shan: brookthere: The little number below is next on my Most Wanted List. It will be mine...oh WILL be mine....

Shan: TastySuite I ordered the vinyl wall decal below for my daughter's room, and let me say that TastySuite sent it at the SPEED OF LIGHT. Rock on witcho bad self, Tasty. I, of course, did not get it put up until yesterday, and with all three Trips screaming their fool heads off whilst I was trying to do so, it maaaay be a teeeeeensy bit higher on one side, but YOU try hanging something perfectly with three 10 month old ankle-biters wailing like banshees. Geez!!!!