Thursday, March 26, 2009


That is all.
Ruby Red Rose - Etsy
Amy: If this is your way of asking me to forward this to your husband, Shan, consider it done.
I mean it is almost your 40th Birthday. Which reminds me, I owe you an email reply about Sonoma. This blog is going to be great reading for people that like to read my To Do List.
Shan: Oh, you just HAD to mention that I'm going to be 40. Rub it in, why don't you? And I am sorry, but Tomas had better do something more elaborate than a peacock clutch. I can get this myself. I mean, if he wants to get me this AND a trip to the Seychelles, then we're getting somewhere. For the love of Nell Carter, I carried three damn babies for him this time last year, and I turn you-know-what this year? Nuh-uh - lovely though it may be, a peacock clutch alone DEFINITELY won't cut it.