Sunday, April 17, 2016

Join Me, Won't You?

Soooo, I've had a good run here at MBB. You all know I petered out some time ago, but life happens, shit happens, and I have re-branded myself (sort of). If you care to join me, you can find me at enoughstudio. Bear with me though - I'm just learning WordPress, so things may be a little wonky over there until I figure it out.

I hope to see you there!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Random (p)Inspiration: White on White

Lezbefrank. SOME of us with, say, three messy kids, could never actually LIVE in an all-white abode. That does not mean, however, that some of us can't dream. In all honesty, though, I love color too much to truly live in all white, but the older I get, the more I appreciate a very simple palette. It's so chic. Or tho theeek, if one has a lateral lisp. Wait, what was I just saying about getting older? That doesn't mean I don't still have the sense of humor of a 13-year old boy. 

I wish that Pinterest weren't such a pain in the ass to link directly to, cuz these are all in my Pinterest boards. If you're so inclined, feel free to browse them all, but get ready for a time suck, cuz I have a TON.

The texture in this is killing me softly.

Lord how I wish those Moroccan wedding blankets weren't so spendy.

Oh, hi, Simple But Totally Cool Art that I am going to DIY.

The only thing that could make this room complete is a disco ball.

I am LONGING for a cool kilim for mi casa. Or maybe I could just move into this one. That weathered wood island. . . the white marble top... the ethnic touches. . . perfection.

I LITERALLY just found the perfect pair of overalls recently on sale at Zara. They don't have skinny legs and were only $25. Now I realize I need a white pair too, dammit.

White on white on (off) white = totes chic.

I always love shirt dresses when I see them on other people, and when I try them on I just think I look schlumpy. I'll just admire this from afar.

Serving up Bianca Jagger effing realness. 1970s nips included.

Forever on the hunt for white flares that don't cost $235. Sigh. The search continues.

Okay, okay, so there's a grey-wash denim in here too, but I think you hear me knocking, and I think I'm coming in.

Have a super fab weekend, yo.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stuff I Would Kiss On the Mouf: Inside Closet

Recently I came across a blog new to me called Inside Closet. It's a look at the closets and homes of fashionable French women (with some random stylish women from other countries thrown in for good measure). But French women? I think we all know by now, are WAY cooler than the rest of the world. Seriously. Check some of these chicks out.


I love the colors Paula wears and uses in her home. And that kimono-y jacket? Guh.


Speaking of colors - you know I loves me a mix of patterns, and the mish-mash of patterns in Henriette's home are gorge.


I would like to be Juliette when I grow up. For real.


What is it about French women? Even when they're slightly disheveled, they look 100 times better than anyone else. If I was slightly disheveled, I would just look like I needed a shower. Ah well - such is life! 


Friday, July 3, 2015

Entres-vous. . .

I have been wanting to do something different in our entryway for, like, EVER. The two photos below are what we currently have, sans any photo-editing, and complete with large ding in the wall because SOMEONE keeps throwing the door open with all of their might every time they open it (SIMONSCARLETTGAVIN I'm looking at you. . . )

Nothing special. . . kind of boring. . . 

Okay - REALLY boring. 

So eons ago, I created a Pinterest board for Entryways. Below are some of my favorites. I'm trying to link directly from Pinterest, which is a completely difficult, cumbersome process since they changed it (thanks for NOTHING, Pinterest), but at least you can click through if you want more info.

Love the simple, graphic, black and white artwork combined with that amazingly intricate carved entry table in the first pin, and conversely, that crazy-cool wallpaper with a very simple, mid-century mod credenza. Groovy. Then there's more crazy wallpaper in funky, candy-bright colors, an adorable, repurposed and lacquered chest made modern, a dope gallery wall, a simple x-legged desk and graphic basket for eleventy-five tiny pairs of shoes (SIMONSCARLETTGAVIN I'm looking at you. . . ), and some pops of color on a traditional piece of furniture. So. Many. Choices. I reeeeally love the crazy graphic wallpaper ones, or even a horizontally-striped wall, but sadly, my entry wall doesn't have a "stopping point," if you will, for wallpaper or paint - it continues on into the living room. I may have to do some kind of giant piece of art to go there. 

 What does anyone else have in their entryway? I'm curious. Share - this is a safe place (still). 



Monday, June 15, 2015

Can I Get a WHAT WHAT?!!

That's one what for each post I've put up in the last week. Can we tawlk, though? I mean, I'm still addicted to Pinterest, after all, so let's chat about some of my favey crocketts as of late.

Industrial shelves. I have two spots in mi casa where I want these - in the kitchen and in the bafroom. Anyone else have some DIY shelving they'd care to chat about? Let's hear it if so.

And also? A gallery wall above our stairway for the sh!t TON of artwork my kids bring home from school. Love. This.

This? Is just cute. Bold wallpaper + graphic art + bright yellow = Super Happy Fun Times in the Bathroom. I mean, more so than normal.

I would like my basement family room to time travel back to 1979 and be as awesome as this room is.

I can't get enough of serape blankets lately, and found a site here where I plan to order a few.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to go ahead and find a jeans jacket at the thrift store and whip one of these babies up.

Seriously? Why French women gotta be such chic jerks?

I have one new word in style, and it is ATHLEISURE. Ya'll, I have actually been wearing my workout clothing OUTSIDE OF THE GYM this past year. I fear the apocalypse is nigh.

But before it hits, I'd like these shoes. Kthxbye!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't Get TOOOO Excited. . .

I'm THINKING about starting up again - here are a few photos of life via Instagram in the past several months. 

Doing Aerial Acrobatics has been on my bucket list forEVER, and a few months ago, I did it with some friends. It. Was. AWESOME. I highly recommend it if you've never done it before!!

Scored these AWESOME mid-century whiskey tumblers at a garage sale last weekend for $5 dollah. Awwww YEAH.

And while I was at it, I picked up this pukka shell plant holder thingie for $2. TWO DOLLAH, PEOPLE.

New bedding from TJ Maxx. Soooo dreamy, beachy and boho.

Celebrated my 46th boythday at my favorite restaurant last weekend (Bluestem, for those in KC). Of COURSE Imma have the fois gras. Duh.

Got dressed up for dinner, and went to see a show at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts afterwards. 

This last year has been a tough one - I'll fill you in sometime, but I feel like I found my way out the other side and am a happier person now, thank hebbins. Have a great day, yo!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All to Hear

A little Christmas-inspired random (p)Inspiration for the holidaze...

So loverly. This picture reminds me of the art in one of my favorite books as a kid, The Snowy Day.

If this staircase isn't amazing, I don't know what is. I am so doing this the next time I need to decorate for something festive.  

Hot apple cider funnel cakes? Get in mah pie hole.

 Sooooo purty.

I am enchanted by tiny winter scenes in small glass boxes.

If you can't wear a floor-length sequin skirt at Christmas time, when CAN you wear one, for the love of Kris Kringle?

Happiest of holidays, all!